Systemic constellations with Natalya Spokoinyi

A daughter’s derealisation, her sexual orientation; financial problems due to the daughter’s illness and relationship with the father. I addressed Natalya Spokoinyi because of severe family problems. My father and my boyfriend had problems with alcohol, my daughter was seriously ill: … Read more

Constellation on Business Issues

If there is a need to work on yourself with the help of a psychologist, for instance, solving current business and family problems, I highly recommend to turn to the specialists of the International Institute of System Constellations under the guidance … Read more

A panic attack, a daughter’s depression

Constellation on 11.11.14. A panic attack, a daughter’s depression and loss of energy when having sex with a new husband from India I approached the constellation in a rather distracted mood. Coming to another country, living married to a man from … Read more

Suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts Dear friends, I wish to share the results of systemic constellations work done because of my depression and suicidal thoughts. I met Natalya by chance. Yet, as Anatole France said, “Chance is God’s pseudonym, when God does not want … Read more

An extract from a letter

An extract from a letter I am convinced that Natalya is exactly the person to be addressed, even when you have nothing to believe in anymore. Thank you very much for your great work!! I now have the Answers.

I want a baby

My colleague advised me to address Natalia. My request was a baby: I wanted to have a baby. The constellation was done by Skype!  Frankly speaking, I was worried and I doubted the result. However, everything was fine, and I had … Read more

Well-being in a family

My getting to know the method of systemic constellations and meeting Natalia impressed me a lot. The first successfully completed constellation session changed my life. After it, my husband stopped nagging at me. Yet, although my husband melted, it was difficult … Read more