Student Reports – Basic Course, class 2021-2023, 1th stream 

Reports on Module 5(1) of the Basic Course “Systemic Constellation and trauma therapy”

Orlyanskaya Maria, Moscow

After completing the course “Systemic Constellations online” by Natalia Spokoiniy, I wanted to study the constellations in offline format too. I think this is important because some details can be felt and understood better in an in-person setting.

There was a lot on this module that was already known and clear to me, but it didn’t make it any less valuable. Once again we talked about the importance of the circle, what a request is, what kind of role does the client have, what – the constellator, and the Field, and who is responsible for what in a constellation. We talked about the importance of directing space to the Will of the Highest Values of the client and how exactly this is done. We discussed loyalty, bowing and its importance, and the concept of gratitude. How important it is to express gratitude for life.

N.S. told about 3 laws on which Systemic Constellations are built: the Law of Belonging, the Law of Hierarchy, and the Law of Balance.

We discussed in detail the process of coaching, why it is necessary, what it provides, and why it is essential prior to a constellation.

We discussed the different kinds of feelings: primary, secondary and transferred. How to identify them and what to do with them in a work.

Also on the first module we spent a lot of time on the BEMS Model ( Body, Intellect, Emotion, Spirit). We had already studied it on the online course, but it was much faster and easier to understand in person.

A lot of time was devoted to victim-aggressor dynamics, which is extremely important when working with big systems, and we also analysed the circles of proximity and responsibility.

Despite the abundance of theoretical information, a lot of practical work (constellations) was conducted, both by N.S. and by the students for practice.

Everyone participated in both the role of the client and of the constellator. And in spite of the fact that it was the first module, two constellations for the invited clients (not students of this course) were conducted, which helped students to understand what a constellation is like in real life.

My own constellation made me think a lot, and do an in-depth analysis of my ancestry. I haven’t gotten my personal result yet, but I feel like I’m on my way to it, and plan to go further on the 2nd module. 

Natalia Ptashnik, Moscow

Quite a lot of time has passed since the end of the first training module (3 months), so there is an opportunity to comprehend the significance of this education through such a significant time frame.
First of all, it is worth noting the changes that occurred in my worldview. Of course, by choosing to study with Natalia Spokoiniy, I knew that there would be work with an orientation towards the Will of the Highest. I suspected that I would have difficulties with it, because I could not define this direction for myself. This request, “What must I do in order to understand why I came to this course and to get the most out of it?” was a key one for me in the beginning. And it was paid off.

What is especially valuable to me in studying is the abundance of practice and acquisition of the personal style of the constellator’s work. After all, one can read the theory, but there is nowhere else one can learn techniques such as those used in live training.

For example, the technique of placing slippers as representative of victims in a constellation, paying attention to the micro gestures of clients and representatives, and seeing the symbolic implication in their movement are all the accents and foundations of mastery that I began to notice during my in-person education. However, one begins to be even more attentive to such things after analyzing constellations. This, too, is an incredibly useful experience.

In addition to theoretical studies, the experience of personal therapy work should also be mentioned. After all, personal therapy is an incredibly important part of becoming a good professional. It requires in-depth work.

That is why the constellations that I had the opportunity to receive on the course were of great importance.

So the first topic I was able to work with was about the development of a professional project. The request sounded like this: “What do I have to do in order to give birth to the project?” As a result of the constellation, the transformational process was launched, which is continuing to this day. And the project that was born turned out to be not at all what I thought it would be. To be more precise, it was not exactly that one project, but one of several.

The second constellation, with the request “What do I have to do to come to God?” dramatically changed my worldview and made it possible, among other things, to start working on a new project. In addition, I think both of these requests had an indirect impact on the presentation of a somatic symptom, which I was busy treating in the autumn. So the constellations also had an influence on the psychosomatic.

In short, the whole experience of the full-time education and subsequent analytical work led not only to an upgrade of my professional level, but also to changes in my personality and body.

Also noteworthy is the significance of the opportunity to participate in the Short Term Severe Trauma Therapy Conference. The experience of participating in it is also hard to overestimate. The chance to pass on the empirical knowledge and practical findings to the public showed that there is much for me to aspire to. How important it is not just to know, but to be able to communicate, convey, describe my work. I think this is one of the areas for my future development. At least, that is what I have set for myself to do in the near future.

And knowing how “magical” coincidences can be in the constellation, I can’t rule out that the most interesting things are yet to come.

Also, if we talk about the impact of the constellation work on the family, I see this as the next stage of my growth in the method. There are several systemic requests related, for example, to interaction with children that I would like to resolve.

Gudovskaya Yana, Moscow

It was an incredibly productive 5 days of my life, both in terms of personal transformation and in the ultimate realization that my true fulfillment lies in helping people using the method of Systemic Constellations.

Let me begin by saying that this really is a miraculous method, and if you are conscious of all its magic, you feel that you are a part of something Highest. When the Field opens, you will see everything that was hidden in your subconscious as clear as the palm of your hand in a constellation.

I saw on example how issues that people had been living with for years, and tried to solve in a multitude of other ways got solved in the shortest possible time.

I have personally experienced how effective the method of Systemic Constellations is. The Systemic Constellation literally exposes you and your inner truth. When I came with a request: “What should I do to feel more confident on the way to my self-realization”, I was shown my relationships in my family and how through them I could come to what I wanted.

I’ve learned how participating in constellations as a representative is never a random thing… You always have similar dynamics in your own family system that are highlighted to you by the Field. I literally cried when Natalia was talking about the Victim-Aggressor dynamics. It touched my Family System so much that it gave off emotions like these.

And one of our client’s requests directly mirrored the situation in my life that I had a few years ago. And I had the opportunity to look at it from the outside, like an audience member in a theater, and to draw important conclusions for myself.

On the educational process. Despite the fact that the classes began at 9-10 a.m. and ended at 9-22 p.m., everyone was excited and felt a tremendous flow of energy. Throughout the course, you, on practice, develop awareness and understanding of your desires, emotions, and actions.

One of the main points, of course, is the changes in my personal life.

With incredible ease and faith in myself, I found the job I had dreamed of for a long time. My relationship with my husband changed and I finally started to acknowledge and truly “see” him after 10 years of being together!

So I’m looking forward to the 2nd module!

Nana Dosyn, Moscow

As a practicing coach for the harmonious development of children and their speech starting from birth, I have been looking for answers to the questions of parenting for a long time. It is important for me to find and reasonably explain to parents the principles of relationships in the family, relationships with children and towards children. It is important to learn the key points, the correlation of development and relationships with children in the family. I know for a fact that everything is established in childhood.

I found out about IIS-Berlin by chance from an acquaintance who had already finished her education there. I realized that it was at IIS-Berlin that I could expand my knowledge in the direction I needed.

Soon I accidentally saw the invitation to the 9th stream of the course and realized that it was for me. The training took place in Moscow, in person, for 5 days – it was convenient for me.

My introduction to the constellations began on the first day of the course and straight away with practice. We conducted several hours of very deep, complex constellation for a client. It was difficult, very confusing in the beginning, but very interesting and fascinating. As Natalia Spokoiniy said: “We have a very strong group on this stream”.

I had a strong interest and desire to learn.

On the first day, I really wanted to feel and understand what it’s like to be a representative. I even asked to pick me. And then the interest kept growing. It was unclear how it is even possible to feel with your own body. However, at the end of the first constellation already I was placed as a representative and suddenly felt this impulse from within me. I understood exactly what role I was in, what I felt, and what I wanted to say. From the outside it may seem unbelievable. However, the method of Systemic Constellations learly reflects the client’s whole situation. It’s like watching a movie.

On the first day I already noted important points for myself and my work, such as:

  • Family System
  • the state of being present in the moment (very important for me in personal consultations with clients)
  • the connections between children and parents
  • maintaining the hierarchy in the family
  • acceptance of those excluded from the System
  • consequences of divorce

Each student on the course participates in constellations as a client, а representative, and а constellator. So there is an opportunity to experience the whole process yourself and see it from the outside.

We did constellations for each student of our stream. We worked with incredibly complex requests, handled heavy dynamics. It’s amazing how complete strangers in the roles of someone’s representatives can accurately describe that person’s situation.

In my constellation, I saw a striking picture. I didn’t even realize the complexity of the problem. I faced the truth and realized what had to be changed. I was able to rethink and understand myself, to determine my course of action. After my personal constellation a lot has changed in my life. Most importantly, my family and I began to live separately from my mother. This was my main request.

Systemic Constellations became the puzzle piece that I had been looking for for a long time. I was able to resolve my request. And also I now easily apply my new knowledge and skills to parents in my work as a coach.

I thank Natalia Spokoiniy for the knowledge and experience she shares with us. As well as my fellow students for their help and support in the process of learning.

Maria Kyntoyarova, Yakutsk

This was my last basic course, after which I successfully passed the exam for Natalia Spokoiny and Dr Detlef Beier. Even a little sad.

During the module, we had several real clients, two of whom were our fellow students. Natalia made the constellations for them. It was very useful and interesting for us to be observers and take part in them. And also, as usual, we made constellations for each other under the supervision of Natalia. For example, I was very impressed by the constellation of our classmate Anna with a request about the state of the victim, in which we went to her grandmother, whose husband was imprisoned in the Gulag and was recognized as an enemy of the people. I was especially impressed by the picture in the constellation where the representative Symptom stood up like a prison wall and said that on one side her death, and on the other side her life. And Anna’s grandmother was on the side of life, and her husband was on the side of death, and she went to visit him. She felt helpless in this situation, and Anna adopted these feelings of her grandmother.

Before the exam, Natalia allowed me to do several constellations. I did one constellation for my classmate’s daughter. Her request concerned the choice of profession and entering an educational institution, she wanted to enter a medical institute and had to choose a faculty. In the constellation, we considered four options and something else. As a result, the direction that was a priority for her told her that she was still too young and inexperienced for that. From these words, the client burst into tears, but said that she understood a lot for herself. The client’s reaction suggests that in the constellation we got into her “sick spot”, which is difficult for her, but very useful.

I especially remember the constellation I made for a man, but which I couldn’t cope with. The request was about realising his value. The dynamics of “man and little girls”, i.e. pedophilia, was clearly manifested in the constellation. Me and two other representatives felt it. But I couldn’t voice it to the client. Which was a big mistake on my part. I told Natalia about it and she said that it was necessary to say about it and asked me to voice it to the client. After that, I felt great relief. I had a feeling that I had taken on someone’s responsibility and when I told the client everything, I gave it to whom I should. After this, I realised that you can’t keep silent about what you feel in the constellation. Then I voiced these thoughts on the circle.

Two constellations were done personally for me. One is small and the other turned out to be very heavy. We called the first constellation, “Antitupin” because at some points I begin to get lost and slow down. At this constellation, we went out to my dad’s grandmother, who was very scared when she was walking on the road. And after that, she began to “brake” when she went somewhere, she walked cautiously that something could happen again. And it looks like I feel the same when I need to do something, go to my goal.

On the last day, Natalia showed us several techniques on how to use the scale in the constellation, one wonderful coaching method, as well as the “Tetralemma” method. On this day, all these techniques were applied to me as a client and the constellation was done by the student with the help of Natalia. I had a problem of adopted feelings. It all started with my child demonstrating behaviour that clearly showed me something. And he did it every day. We could not come to my true request for a long time, it was difficult for me to formulate it, as it concerned the feelings adopted. Natalia and Alina showed us an amazing technique that is used in coaching and is great for working with the unconscious. As a result, I managed to formulate my request: What should I do to respect and appreciate instead of regretting?

During the constellation, we came to my great-grandmother and great-grandfather. As far as I know, my great-grandfather was a player, he lost his cattle in cards. And, as the constellation showed, he also lost his beloved wife. She was sexually abused by those extortionists, sacrificed herself, her value for her husband’s sake, she felt very sorry for him. It was clear in the constellation that they loved each other very much. Thus, she lost her honour, value and respect for herself and most likely for her husband and men in general. At the end of the constellation, I received a resource from my great-grandfather and great-grandmother, as well as from extortioners-aggressors. The constellation was very hard. Even the representatives cried with me. I haven’t seen anything like this before. Many thanks to Natalia and Alina for this constellation, and of course, to Pavel, my classmate, who, despite the fact that it was his first module, perfectly coped with the constellation.

It’s just amazing, but after coming home, I didn’t see that behaviour from my son anymore. Sometimes in situations where he did it, I expect him to behave again as before, to say the words he always said. But that doesn’t happen. I also notice changes in myself, as if I began to treat everything differently.

In general, I am very pleased that I managed to complete the basic course. I live in Yakutsk, and I had to fly to every module. I want to say, “I did it!” Thanks to Natalia for flying to Moscow from Berlin every time, despite the world situation, to share her experience and knowledge with us. Thanks to Alina for the videos, help and useful tips. And thanks to my fellow students for their good company, teamwork and for trying to be good representatives in the constellation.

Natalia Ptashnik, Moscow

The module took place in Moscow from January 27th to February 3rd, 2023. These were several days filled with practice, discoveries, and deep impressions. It also included two days of supervision with the opportunity to observe the exams of second-year students and the online course on Systemic Therapy of Severe Trauma.

Overall, it is difficult to single out specific works that made a particular impression, as all the constellations of the module had their own unique qualities.

One of the basic dilemmas of the course became the problem of disclosing to the client those difficult and sometimes frightening collisions, the information about which comes in the process of constellation through representative’s perception. For example, four representatives, without coordinating, felt the dynamics of pedophilia towards one of the direct and living ancestors of the client in one of the constellations, but they never dared to say it out loud. In another constellation, the dynamics of incest were clearly reflected, but none of the representatives dared to speak about it either. When everything was revealed, it became easier for everyone, and the client felt a new impulse for transformation. From this, we can conclude that silence in a constellation does not lead to effective work, and it is important to bring to light every detail and recheck the sensations of representatives toto avoid such misunderstandings.

Another significant event of the course was the constellation using the tetralemma figure. We had made similar requests before, but I always thought it was important to logically connect the tetralemma itself with the client’s request and explain to the client the importance of choosing such a format for constellation. It turned out that the Tetralemma not only solves requests related to the problem of choice, where it is effective according to the criterion of formal logic, but also in requests directly unrelated to choice. This means that it is possible to orient the field to the four directions of the tetralemma and introduce the fifth element in any context. This was a discovery for me during this module.

In addition, the module was marked by new acquaintances, and our group was enriched by bright and sensitive people capable of becoming very talented constellation facilitators. I am looking forward to the next module.

Pavel Lupashku, Podolsk Moscow Region

It was the first module for me. Students from module 5 and 3 new students, including me, participated in it. It was very interesting and informative for me. Almost everything was new and surprising to me. I had read the book “Orders of Love” before the module and imagined something, but on the module everything turned out to be much more interesting and deeper. 

Natalia taught me how to do a proper circle and I noticed people falling out of the Field. I caught myself being inattentive several times. Then I understood why a circle is made at the beginning and at the end. The constellator has to be able to open and close the Field, to ensure that all the participants in the constellation are present and aware so that they can go through as efficiently as possible. This is what we did in the Opening and Final  Circle.

I was struck by the question of what the Highest Value was for me. It struck me because I am a believer, I often pray and go to churches. I have many icons in my home and my own corner where I light candles and icon-lamps. But when I sat down in a client’s chair and a constellation student asked me the question, “What is your Highest Value,” I couldn’t answer for a long time. Natalia helped me by explaining what this question was, why it was asked and that everyone has his or her own Highest Value. For example: God, the Universe, Destiny, Creator, etc. After that, I thought some more and chose “Creator of the Universe. 

Since then I have repeatedly returned to this topic and pondered on the concepts of God and the Supreme Value. The most important thing that I realized and what struck me was that I had taken it too lightly before (even though I thought I was serious), and the formulation “Highest Value” was a great revelation to me in the sense that there is a power that is above me, which I cannot control, organize, or curb. I can only surrender to it, submit to it, humble myself, and learn to cooperate for my own good. It seems simple, but it is a very profound insight that I am still living with and reconstructing my thoughts and behavior. Probably for this insight alone it was possible to come to the first module. At least for me in this place it paid off immediately. 

During the course of the module I saw how Natalia and the students used this “development” of Natalia in their constellation work, and how it helped both the constellator and the clients. And of course I used it myself, too. I noticed (and this was also a revelation to me) how people change after constellation. They have a look of joy, lightness, and liberation on their faces. The most vivid example was with my colleague Anna, for whom Natalia did VIP constellation. Both on that day and on the second day she changed her face, smiled more and was lighter and less uptight than on the first two days. 

I liked the way the coaching was done at the beginning of the constellation, namely what questions to ask in order to understand the client’s true request, their intentions, their willingness to work with it and, accordingly, to set the right direction for the constellation. At the module I learned and saw many tools and different types of constellations: hidden constellations, tetralemma, using a scale, working with the Aggressor.

Also, in one of the constellations, we came out to the “Old-believer” System, and I realized how much it affects the person himself, affected his relatives in the past, and affects the next generations if it is not dealt with. I loved the process of completing the constellations with a combination of bows, resolving phrases, and blessings. I was struck by how in the constellation some clients move toward Death (from Life). 

This module had some students taking the exam, and I’m very glad I was lucky enough to attend and see how it was done. During the module I was given 3 constellations. 1 constellation was VIP, done by Natalya, and 2 were done by students with the help of Natalya. I was very satisfied. Natalia is a true professional in conducting constellations and educating students. 

In my constellation she was delicate but rigorous. We went out to my grandfather, who sacrificed himself to save someone else’s child and was run over by a train, who in turn was part of the System, which pursued its own interests and did not pay attention to individual people, their problems, emotions, needs. And I realized that my daddy was a “victim” of the same stroke from the System, and at about the same age it happened to me, too. I burst into tears at the end of the constellation during the bows, but then it was easy. 

I also did two constellations myself with Natalia’s help. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to, but Natalia helped and guided me, and I did it. Moreover, my colleagues said that I did very well for the first time. Natalya’s methods and approach helped me a lot. At the module my wife and eldest daughter also did constellation. The students did it with Natalia’s help. They are happy and I can see the results.

I am very satisfied with the training at IIS Berlin. After this week of training and intensive work I feel better in many areas of my life. Problems that I had not noticed before, both in my relationship with my wife and in my business affairs, have manifested themselves. I am very glad of this, because if a person does not see the problem and will not work, his life is not going to get better. And I got the opportunity to work with myself to resolve these problems. 

After the module in Moscow, I decided to sign up for the online course. Thank you Natalia for such informative training, for the explanations, for the depth, discipline and accuracy. Thank you for the constellation for me, my wife and daughter. Thanks to Alina, who diligently filmed the learning process on video and had time to participate in constellations. Thanks to all the colleagues for their patience, sensitivity, involvement, responsiveness.

Reports on Module 6(2) of the Basic Course “Systemic Constellation and trauma therapy”

Irina Zhadko

My first introduction to Systemic Constellations was in February 2018. And, to put it mildly, I was not impressed. And when I heard about this branch of psychotherapy, I didn’t understand why it was necessary. In 2021 I learned about Natalia Spokoinyi from an acquaintance of mine. I followed her work for a long time, watched a lot of constellations that were posted on Instagram, and decided to go to Natalia for an education.

“I was shocked” can’t even come close to express what I’ve felt. Just after the first day of studying I realized that I had the wrong idea about the method of Systemic Constellations. I was incredibly and pleasantly surprised. As a body-oriented specialist I felt the process of the constellations through my body. And the body is almost impossible to fool. My physical reactions varied from goosebumps all over my body to a chilling cold or a bright flame – all depending on what kind of figure I was in the systemic constellation.

The course is structured like this: first Natalya gives the theory, which we then immediately work through in practice. My first time as a facilitator was very thrilling, but Natalia helps us, and shows us the outline of the direction. In addition to the basic process of constellations, we also learn systemic coaching, which is just as important, because it is one of the components of the process. Each person has a certain part of life that needs to be looked at. And Systemic Constellations can illuminate the layers of life the good look on which can let the Field unfold and bring on changes in life. For me it was important to choose this method of psychotherapy, the one that brings invaluable benefits and quick results for the client.

During the course I was introduced to another variant of the constellation, that was founded by Matthias Varga von Kibed (mathematician). This type is a Structural Constellation called Tetralemma. This is a very interesting technique that includes 4 different representatives, and one representative of the Free Element. I was able to participate in a tetralemma myself. The client had the request “What do I need to do in order to reach my destiny/life’s mission?” Four representatives for different options and the Free Element were placed. At the end, it was clear in what direction the client needed to go to achieve their request. This constellation was incredibly deep and unique, as it was the first time I had seen how a facilitator works in a 7th-8th dimension. And when you work on such a high level the answers that come in the Field leave no questions. The key answer for the client was that there is no such thing as only black and white, and that it is possible to make shining light out of the darkness.

There was also a very interesting constellation with the request: “What do I need to do to help my son adapt in society?” The representatives that were chosen: the client, the son, the Symptom, and the teacher. Then the process unfolded towards the client’s ancestry, where the key figure was great-grandfather Trofim. How surprising that seemingly unrelated to each other in the family system things can cause all sorts of problems. 

I asked Natalia to do a little test on the situation, that was very important to me. I had an appointment booked with the osteopath, but the price for it was very high for me in terms of money. But I also felt that I needed to see him. The test showed that it was important for me to get to him, and that he would say something important to me, but the effect would not be apparent immediately. Two days later I went to see the osteopath. The results were exactly as Natalia had described in the constellation test.

On the second module, Natalia explained to us the concept of the Law of Balance. It is very important to maintain a balance of taking and giving between parents and children. The imbalance brings in the events that cause disconnection in the family system, and lead to the disruption of harmonious relationships between family members. Our parents give us the most important thing, which is life, and we can never repay them for this gift and, therefore, we cannot bear the burden of responsibility for it for our parents. But we are indebted to them. And how do indebted people behave in ordinary life? They may deceive, accuse, show aggression. From adolescence, children begin to rebel against parental control and demonstrate their illusory independence. It is as if we are forever in debt and project the resulting guilt onto our parents. And then we have difficulties with not being able to take. And this is the second cause of imbalance. This leads to problems in relationships with partners and with the world as a whole. There are also problems with one’s own identity that arise, when it is difficult for a person to understand who they are and what their purpose is. The only way to restore balance is to feel a deep sense of gratitude to one’s parents.

   This course covered a very interesting topic – “abortions, miscarriages and IVF”, and how this, from the perspective of the System, affects people’s lives. It was also a new insight for me that the “excluded” members of the System manifest in their descendants. After this module, I realized how tangled everything was in my family system, and that I had a lot of work to do to restore wholeness and achieve the result I was striving for. I want to express my enormous gratitude to Natalia for her empathy, attentiveness, and care for her students. During these 5 days we were fully immersed in the learning process despite the very difficult times in the whole world.

Orlyanskaya Maria, Moscow

For me, this module was the most difficult emotionally in all these years of studying. It revealed my personal processes, exposed a lot of things, and as a result, the tension that had been accumulating for years came out.The process was unpleasant and extremely painful for me, but at the end it gave me a lot of insight, clarity and energy. And most importantly, it gave me a sense of the value of myself as a professional in my field.

There was a lot of theory in this module, most of which I knew already, but it was useful for me to hear or go over something again. However, especially valuable to me was the knowledge on organizational constellations and Examples of how to work in this style. And I saw a lot of valuable things that I could add to my work to make it cleaner, better and faster, and with more results for the client. Moreover, I’m already putting it into practice and it’s having a great effect.

Special thanks to Natalia Spokoiniy for the analisis of the topic “Supervision by Constellation”. What kind of requests do people come to this type of work with? This is what I really wanted to understand, and N.S. did a demonstration of this method right on my example. And for that I am very grateful to her. Not only did I understand the method itself, but also the awesomeness and quickness of the “insights”. I saw how even simple actions or steps can be difficult for a client. How the therapist’s own resistance manifests itself, and how it can be worked through quickly and efficiently. As a result of this constellation, I gave back to my client (about whom I requested this supervision) the responsibility for his results. And although it was difficult for me, it still made me feel better, and I truly believe that I have stopped carrying “his chair” on me. This will give me the strength for my new project, and it will be born, and be successful in all respects, including money. 

The module also covered topics such as: Sheldreck’s morphogenetic fields, Kirlian photography, Albrecht Mahr’s experiment, the difference between shifted and intertwined feelings, twice hidden constellations, tetralemma, types of feelings and the meta feelings. Separately, the topic of IVF, abortions, and miscarriages, which is very important and relevant at the moment, was discussed. How to work with these dynamics and what therapists should pay attention to when working with their clients.

There was also a big constellation of a global scale conducted on this module. We worked with large figures and the dynamics of entire nations, since the dates of our module coincided with the beginning of an armed conflict and we could not overlook this fact. I hope that with this constellation we have contributed to peace in our big World.

Separately, I would like to note the importance of the fact that on each module each student conducts at least one constellation as a facilitator, and this is especially valuable because of Natalia’s supervision. And also each student gets an opportunity to work on his or her requests with fellow students. This also happens under Natalia’s supervision, which in my opinion helps everyone become better as professionals, since they transform their “pits” into a resource, which then brings light into the world.

Natalia Ptashnik, Moscow

The second module of the program took place in Moscow from February 20 to 24, 2022. It was an amazing, pivotal, tragic, and unstable time at the same time. And the fact that on February 24, 2022, the course of history has changed probably on a global scale, couldn’t fail to have an impact on the group’s work on this module as well.

If we refer to the general atmosphere of the course, the tension was felt in the Field of the group from the very beginning. First of all, not everyone enrolled on the course was able to attend, and it was great that the group was expanded with new students, which brought fresh dynamics to the studies.

Speaking of personal work, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of this module. The constellation on the personal request “What should I do to help my son adapt in the society?”, which was on Monday, 21.02, helped me understand the systemic dynamics in the family and in the relationship with the child and make important decisions regarding his education. And the work on the acknowledging and accepting my own ancestral system continues.

The theoretical information on the specifics of Organizational Constellations and working in a double-hidden constellation was a significant professional contribution. Of course, I never cease to be amazed at how accurately the representative perception works when the individual characteristics of the representatives are excluded and the figures are coded.

You can say that the process where the group participated in the the Tetralemma constellation is a separate form of art. It was a new and incredible experience.

It is also important to mention the opportunity of the constellation practice. The role and professional position of the therapist is becoming clearer. It’s still difficult to carry out the constellation work, but there is already an understanding of the direction in which I need to grow.

So the second module of the Basic Course was an extremely enriching experience. It significantly contributed to my professional growth and to the development of my skill as a constellator.

Gudovskaya Yana, Moscow

On this module I became a different person, having realized how deeply one can work. I felt new energy, and it gives me the ability to sense those around me in a different way.

I met new interesting and well-rounded people with whom I will continue communicating in the future.

It never ceases to amaze me how the dynamics of the client and his system overlap with those of the representatives involved in the constellation. The fact that one’s own trauma is often worked through while in the role of a representative. As I was representing one of the client’s relatives, I for the first time physically felt how the situation that was worrying me got unhooked and disconnected.

The second amazing moment for me is the work of the Field. How it, on its own, arranges and gathers people who are similar in their requests, the extent to which it reveals different sides of all the participants of the training, and how differently everyone becomes aware of their own requests and solving life’s problems!

I have tested myself in the role of a constellator, and saw more clearly the mistakes and difficulties that can only be encountered in practice. Since the knowledge I gained can be consolidated by starting to work with it! 80% of this course consists of practical work.

It was very interesting to work with a new format of Structural Constellation, the Tetralemma. With its help it is possible to see something greater, thanks to the information received from the free 5th element.

We were able to practice with the twice hidden constellation, where the representatives, not knowing who they were placed as, spoke plainly and clearly from their roles. Which once again confirms the inexplicable work of the Field.

I was an observer of a meta-constellation that works with meta-feelings and is able to work through extra-trauma.

Client’s story began when she was 5 years old and her father was selling her to pedophiles. As an adult, she had forgotten about this story until after many (around 7) years of therapy, it came back to her mind.

And the same happened again when, at the age of 16, she was deceived by criminals, subjected to drugs and energy manipulations. These events disappeared from her memory as well. And she was able to see her aggressors only in the constellation, that happened 5 years ago.

This time, the client came with a request: “What do I need to do in order to reach my destiny/life’s mission?” The reason for this request was the fact that when the client began to follow her destiny, it was as if she always fell into a deep pit and it took her a long time to get out of it and recover.

The key moment in the constellation was when the figure of the Fifth Element realized that it was The Darkness, the dimension similar to Thanatos, the collection of great dark power, which can be called “the work of grief”. And the Fifth Element noted that there is no death, but that working through, living through grief is very important, and if people close themselves off from it, a lot of hardship comes down on them.

To this, the client recalled that many of her past constellations had shown her that she often approaches Death one-on-one, and that this is very important because Death was giving her invaluable gifts – something very important that would help the client fulfill her destiny. In the constellation, the story with the criminals was brought up again, namely, the fact that five years ago the client realized that she had a great deal of unexpressed anger towards  aggressors. Her anger at them was so enormous and immense that to express it she would have had to destroy the entire universe, tear everything to atoms, and then incinerate them, too.

The client gave this anger a place in herself, let it be, without destroying the world around her or herself. She gave that anger a place, fully acknowledged it and the fact that it is impossible to express. And through this acceptance, anger also changed, to eventually burst upward in a blindingly bright white light.

And after remembering all this, the client realized that her purpose is to make light out of darkness! To transform darkness. And that if you give something a place in yourself, if you let it change you, then it will change, too. Light is made when she embraces the darkness, embraces the difficulties. There is no difference. Darkness is the beginning of light. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” – perhaps this is about that.

In conclusion, I can say that the meta-constellation was conducted in a completely different dimension, on a meta-level, barely even touching the client’s family system. This type of constellation gave us the opportunity to look deeper, to work through the complex dynamics, to see the extra-trauma and the options for recovery from it.

In my personal constellation, I regained my self worth by looking back into my childhood and seeing the situation that I had never given any importance to, thinking it was made up! And when the puzzle pieces fall into place, and you accept the situation, and understand the reason for people’s behavior, something inside you becomes different, and you become different, too. Your reactions, your inner sense of yourself, your attitude toward people, your feelings will no longer be the same.

 Even my husband was able to participate in this module, which gave him insight into the reason for his condition. He was able to see all the feelings he had inside from the outside. By realizing whose feelings they were and under what circumstances they came, he was able to thank them and transform them into lightness.

I look forward to the 3rd module!

Nana Dosyn, Moscow

The second module of the Basic Course of Systemic Constellations went more smoothly for me, as compared to the first module, where I encountered constellations for the first time. It seems that I came more prepared mentally and intellectually and so it was easier for me.

On the second module we consolidated the information we already knew: what are the System Constellations, the 3 orders of love, who is included in the System, types of bowing. We also recalled the following topics: aura photography (Kirlian photography), morphogenetic fields. The latter is about how the collective subconscious works. We have analyzed how to hold the Field. We covered examples of entanglement, shifting, and double shifting.

We devoted great attention to the safety of the therapist in the event of resistance from a client or a need to stop the constellation. And we also repeated the safety measures for representatives – the standard techniques for exiting a role.

Everyone was connected to the topic “abortions, miscarriages, IVF, unborn children, twins”. We learned what consequences this entails, how a mother can deal with- and live with them, how to take responsibility for it and how to let it go. I think this is a very important topic to examine and analyze, because most of the time it affects almost everyone.

One of the key points I learned from this course is that Systemic Constellation is a therapy of the Spirit. The constellations are Spirit-centered. We examined the differences between the Soul and the Spirit.

For myself, I can highlight the constellation that was conducted for a VIP client. It was very illustrative of how easily a person can imagine things that do not exist in reality. These negative thoughts can lead to serious health problems, and in the constellation we very clearly saw the source of the client’s health problems. And the most important thing is that the client saw it, understood it, analyzed it and made successful conclusions for herself. And this is very exciting.

The new thing for me on this course were two times hidden Organizational Constellations. I found this method to be the most effective, accurate, and successful, especially if non-disclosure of information is required…

We also covered “Supervising via constellation” on my classmate’s example. It could help when you need to supervise a therapist’s work with a client with the help of a constellation. This will make clear what resistances a client and a therapist may have, how to resolve them and how to conduct therapy with the client efficiently and fast. Systemic Constellations are an amazing method of therapy. In the process of training, the teacher faces students resistance, but the constellation work helps to recognize this resistance, to live through it and accept it, to show the true meanings of therapy and the client’s behavior.

We practiced the method of tracing dynamics to the right line on a genogram. Each student had the line on their genogram found for their request, and then Natalia checked us.

We analyzed it on the example of a real situation in an emotionally difficult constellation. It was very long, and for some people it was the hardest part of the course. After that I was once again convinced that the role of a professional constellator is very important. It is necessary to understand and to have a fine sense of how to conduct even such difficult constellations.

During the module each student works as a constellator under Natalia’s supervision. This gives an opportunity to gain practical skills, to improve them, to learn how to navigate in the process of a constellation. And for the student-client – to understand their problem, see it from the outside and find solutions. I am thankful for the constellation that was done for me. It became clear to me where to go next, how to present myself, and the way my clients want to see me.

There was a lot of practice on the module: four-part model, twice hidden constellations, the constellation on the current political situation in the world (Russia’s recognition of the DNR and LNR and the special operation in Ukraine). I am sure that we, as future constellators, are doing a good thing for the whole world.

Reports on Module 7(3) of the Basic Course “Systemic Constellation and trauma therapy”

Irina Zhadko

The third module (for me it’s the second module, since I joined the program on Module 2) of the Basic Course is over. It was so interesting and exciting, that all 5 days passed in one breath. On this module we worked with very interesting requests, one of which touched on the dynamics of schizophrenia.

This work was incredibly interesting and useful for me as a clinical psychologist, because according to ICD 10 the schizophrenia diagnosis is considered a hereditary practically incurable disease. Clients from Ekaterinburg came to our module to help their 23-year-old son by alleviating the manifestations of this diagnosis. Since there was an equal chance that the dynamics came from the paternal or maternal lineage, it was necessary to work with both parents. In the process of the constellation, Natalia saw that the dynamics of the illness was coming from the boy’s father’s line. In the constellation we placed the representatives for the son, the Symptom of schizophrenia, the great-grandfather and also his victims, because it turned out that the great-grandfather of the son got through two wars, and served as a sniper. Hundreds of people died because of his actions.

In the constellation, we saw that the boy was loyal to both his great-grandfather and his victims. The victims stood higher than the great-grandfather. This was resolved when the figure of War, as the Bigger System, was introduced into the constellation. The following resolving phrases were said by the great-grandfather: “I’m sorry, but it was an order.” And by the victims: “If I were in your shoes, I probably wouldn’t have done any better.” After these phrases, the great-grandfather and the victims evened out on the same height level, felt the impulse to approach each other. After that, the Symptom stepped away, as his job was done.

There was an incredible amount of constellations done on this module that deserved attention. Here is another one of them. The client’s request was: “What do I need to do to help my daughter live her life happily instead of repeating the fate of my family members?” The constellation was conducted by Natalia from the 7th-8th dimension. It was top-notch. Natalia very quickly found a way to the client and was in resonance with her.

We went straight to the right branch of the genogram. The dynamics came from the great-grandmother and grandfather of the client’s daughter. The girl showed too much interest in alcohol and the sexual aspects of life for her age (14 y/o). Natalia placed following figures: the representative of the client, of her daughter, of the the client’s father, grandmother, as well as numerous grandmother’s abortions. Also the figure of the Symptom, which was named “Vesuvius Volcano”, was placed. In the process of the constellation, we saw the reason for everything that was going on, and it shocked me. It was an ancient ritual in which children were sacrificed to Moloch. I am still impressed by how the constellations can bring out the blind spots, and allow to do pinpoint, quick work that brings resolution.

I was a client myself on this module, and Natalia did two VIP constellations for me. For me these constellations turned out to be vitally important, because in my line of work, failure to abide by safety techniques can lead to adverse consequences that can affect my family. I will not dwell on this too much, since too little time has passed yet, and I feel that the processes are still unfolding. For now I don’t want to talk about my therapy in detail – so powerful it was. But I can already feel the positive changes. I want to express my gratitude to Natalia because her work changes people’s lives for the better!

On this module we worked on practice with the topics “death” and the “divorce procedure”. I was able to clearly see how important it is to end a previous relationship correctly. Otherwise we carry the past into our present, and there may not be room for a new partner in the new relationship.

It was an incredible learning experience! And I’m looking forward to the new module.

Orlyanskaya Maria, Moscow

This module was special, even magical for me. It’s significant just how much  of the subtleties of the constellation work were finally integrated into me. I began not just to know them, but to experience them, to feel them, and simply transmit them. And, in my opinion, the most important thing in the work of a constellation facilitator (constellator) is to be a good conductor of the knowledge that comes from the Field, without admixing my own personal biases.

I would like to make a special mention of how important it was for me to see in practice how N.S. introduced the 4-part model (BEMS) into the regular constellation. It makes it easier and quicker to show the client what is hindering him and how to change it. This model involves placing the different parts that make up a person: Spirit, Body, Emotions, and Intellect.

I would like to elaborate on this very complex and profound constellation.

The client had 3 requests that intersected with each other:

  1. to have 3 clients for constellations each month beginning in July of this year;
  2. to implement all her talents in her life in a harmonious and safe way;
  3. to mitigate extreme mood swings and turn them into smoother ones.

N.S. placed the figures of:

  • the client’s representative
  • her Goal (to achieve her full potential)
  • client’s Body
  • her Emotions
  • her Intellect
  • and her Spirit
  • the Symptom that was named Concrete
  • clients with money
  • something that we have to see right now

At first Spirit and Intellect were much taller than the other parts, Emotions were sitting. The Client’s representative “was hiding” from the Spirit. Symptom Concrete kept Spirit from moving.

After thanking Spirit for this, and expressing a willingness to look at someone very important in the System, the constellation unfolded very quickly and it became apparent that on the client’s father side of the family there were a lot of aggressors and victims, and all of them had serious distortions. of their spiritual beliefs. In their lifetime, substitutions of the spiritual values happened, and also a taboo was placed on joy. And there were many victims who were led to spiritual death under the guise of high spirituality (as if their Spirit had been turned inside out).

And after resolving phrases (that both those who led people to live by the dead face of the God, and their victims are all part of the client) and the bow with love and respect to the aggressors and victims Goal approached the Client, and Intellect returned to its normal size. The Goal asked everyone to smile. N.S. stated resolving phrases about how those people didn’t have a chance to care about their emotions, but this approach didn’t work for the Client; that the Client took them all into her heart, and inside of it they could feel and express their emotions. After that, all the parts gathered in a circle around the Goal and little by little began to smile. After taking the resource from these ancestors, the client felt support in the form of the wall behind her back, and also tremendous assistance, and potential.

The Goal then stood on a chair and clients approached the representative. This showed that the Client was ready to work with her future clients and willing to benefit them.

As I study on the modules and actively work on myself, and with the clients, I always have an eye on my state of mind.

For the first time on the course, my state of mind finally turned to lightness, to happiness, to pleasure in what was going on. All the things I didn’t like didn’t go away, though. They just stopped irritating me anymore. I realized that I had reached a new level in my work, as evidenced by all the roles I was chosen for during the five days of this module.

On this module there was, as usual, a huge amount of practice, which I find incredibly useful for both myself and the learning process itself.

We had clients with very serious requests, such as schizophrenia:

Clients from Yekaterinburg came to our module with a request to help their 23-year-old son to lessen or remove his schizophrenia diagnosis.

Initially only the mother wanted to fly in, but N.S. saw that the dynamics were most likely coming from the child’s father’s side, and warned the client about this. In the end, they accomplished a heroic feat – both she and her husband came. In the the constellation itself, N.S. saw that the dynamic of the illness was indeed coming from the father’s side. And in the course of the constellation she placed following representatives:

  • the Son;
  • the symptom Schizophrenia;
  • the Great-grandfathers;
  • his Victims, as it turned out that great-grandfather got through two wars, served as a sniper, and killed many people;
  • the figure of War as the Bigger System.

In the constellation, it became apparent that the son was loyal to both his great-grandfather and his victims. The Victims stood taller than the great-grandfather.

N.S. solved this situation through the resolving phrases the great-grandfather said to the Victims: “I’m sorry, but it was an order.” And Victims said to him: “If I were in your shoes, I probably wouldn’t have done any better.” After these phrases, the great-grandfather and the victims evened out on the same height level, they slowly approached each other, and then took each other’s hands, and the Symptom stepped away, because we saw what he was pointing out to us…

Once again I saw on example how important it is when clients are ready for work; how easily and quickly they allow the constellation to unfold and heal the System. It was important for me to see how you can work with parents when they are both willing to accept the problem and look for a solution. I look forward to hearing how their son’s life has changed.

Another delightful constellation by N.S. on this module was with a client who had several requests at once:

  1. about her 14 y/o daughter, who is showing too much interest for her age in alcohol and sex life;
  2. to help her daughter behave appropriately and set boundaries;
  3. for client herself to regain her confidence and improve self-esteem,
  4. and to stop shutting herself off from the male half of the world.

N.S. masterfully conducted an integral constellation for her.

Natalya did the constellation work on 7th-8th dimension. It was top-notch. N.S. was in good resonance with the client.

N.S. checked her guess on the genogram. The dynamics went from the client’s grandmother and father.

Natalia placed following figures:

  • the representative of the client
  • of her daughter
  • her father
  • her grandmother
  • and also numerous grandmother’s abortions
  • the Symptom, which was named “Vesuvius Volcano”

In the process of the constellation we saw the reason for everything that was happening, and it was horrible, but such is life: we saw an ancient ritual in which children were sacrificed to Moloch after sexual acts performed on them.

I marvel at how, with the help of constellations, one can quickly identify the blind spots and resolve the situation that prevents a person from living a happy life.

I would also like to mention that I have known for a long time that it doesn’t matter what kind of request you are working with… because the method is the same for them all. However, I was always intimidated when requests were about illnesses. It’s as if you need special knowledge or competence to treat these kinds of problems. But this is not the case when you work with the method of Systemic Constellations. You just need to have faith in yourself and faith in the Higher Power, and you will be guided and shown where the client needs to go.

And on this module I felt that my fear went away and I was ready and willing to work with the symptoms of diseases and help people heal in this side of life as well. This is a step forward for me, my practice, and my income! Since I’m willing to be useful to people in this field as well, that means that clients will come in accordance with my Faith and Willingness.

I would like to express a special gratitude to Natalia for supervising our personal works during the training. Each student on each module gets at least one work as a constellator, and at least one work as a client. And this is incredibly useful for me personally – because, as you know, the best education is the practice + personal transformation through your own hardships. My work as a client was done by my fellow classmate. Unfortunately, we couldn’t achieve much in time, and it brought out my personal dynamics. However, I saw it, and immediately mentally thanked it. And a minute after that, Natalia decided to finish my work and in another 20 minutes we went a lot further, which gave me insight, connections, and a lot of useful things. And on the way home I went even further… It seems to be the way the Field works – since I was ready to take more… the next step came to me, I made the necessary bows, and said the resolving phrases, and had a sense of completion of the work. And the next day I was chosen as the representative of true self-realization (in all fields) with money. It was an incredible role, combining feelings of happiness, pleasure, and ease of life. And there was money in me! Which speaks volumes about the direction towards LIFE. This is exactly the kind of thing I work towards with my clients on personal therapy.

And another magical thing was that at the end of day 5, Natalia felt and showed me that in my second request (for the entire course, I had two requests, and we only worked on one) there were  no more obstacles, and my goal was actively coming to me! It is possible to work on yourself by observing someone else’s therapy or by participating as a representative. You just have to let yourself be affected by this process. And that’s what I consciously did throughout the entire module.

Once again, thanks to Natalia and the group. I am looking forward to my fourth and final module.

Maria Kyntoyarova, Yakutsk

From day one we worked in harmony and very intensively. Lots of constellations were carried out. Personally I had three constellations: the big one by Natalia Spokoiny and two by students under the supervision of Natalia. All the constellations are very important for me and respond in my soul.

Natalia is a highly professional as a supervisor and a teacher for me. The way she feels people, their pain and most importantly where to go, where to “dig” (search) with a given request – this is for me what I need to strive for. In the last of the constellations, I saw that my grandmother’s word killed a man, although she did not want it and that’s what bowed her back and I adopted this dynamics. And in this I also saw that my mission is to heal or help people with a word.

 I also want to add that I saw almost identical situation from my life, only without human death. When I divorced my husband, he threatened me and I was supported by my friend and her husband, who at that time was a colonel of the FSS. And I told my husband that if he did not stop threatening, he would talk to the FSS colonel. After the threats stopped.

 In my personal large constellation I saw that I had a twin sister who died in the womb. The representative who stood for my sister spoke in the words of my real older sister, i.e. my older sister transmitted to me the feelings of my twin sister. In that constellation the request concerned the mission, and when I saw this event, I realized that I needed to live in this world for two and fulfill my mission in full.

 In the first constellation made to me on request “What can I do to become a mistress of my life instead of a victim”, we found that my great-grandmother tolerated a lot, since her husband was a card-player and lost his cattle and possibly not only cattle. And I need to bow before their difficult fate and thank them for my life at such a price.

I would also like to note the constellations made by Natalia and the group for clients. For one of them the parents of a young man Egor 23 years old, suffering from schizophrenia, flew in from Ekaterinburg to make a constellation at Natalia’s. According to the genogram, Natalia came out to the grandfather of the boy’s father, who was a sniper and fought in several wars, and there were a large number of victims. I stood as Egor’s representative and felt him rushing between his great-grandfather and his victims. Reconciling phrases were pronounced between the grandfather and the victims, after there was eye contact between them and they joined hands. The boy’s father Sergei said at the very beginning that he was a “technics man”, that is he has a technical education, and he has nothing to do with it. There were also small difficulties in determining the Highest Value. But at the end of the constellation he burst into tears, so sincerely pronounced resolving phrases, and looked at everything with completely different eyes.

The second constellation was done for a client who came with a request about her fear for her daughter and the dynamics of her system, the men in the family were alcoholics and her 14 y.o. daughter is already being drawn into alcohol. Here Natalia reached the client ‘s father and mother, who had many abortions, and then she reached her father’s mother, who also had a lot of abortions. The constellation also showed that the client’s father had a lot of sexual energy, because of which he even molested his daughter, and her mother had to do a lot of abortions. The client’s daughter inherited her grandfather’s sexuality and had already sexual intercourse with young men, although she preserved her virginity, and also had ambiguous relationship with her father. Then we reached very distant ancestors, who arranged orgies with babies and then sacrificed them to Moloch, stabing and burning them at the stake. The resolution of such difficult events gives a person a huge resource that the client received. And from her father, the client received female sexuality in a good way. And if she accepts sexuality from her father,  it is as if she will share it with her daughter , who seems to show her that she needs to accept it. And probably then her daughter will become calmer to show her sexuality. At the end after saying the resolution phrases, the client felt very relieved.

 The third constellation was done to a client suffering from bipolar disorder, with a request for self-realization and clients. Here Natalia applied her author’s 4-part model of a person: Body, Emotions, Mind, Spirit, to which she added Client Focus. Here the Symptom Concrete was revealed, which constrained and prevented her from moving to self-realization. During the constellation, it was found out that Concrete had the dynamics of distant ancestors who believed in something and led people, but this faith was joyless and kind of sad, as they were kind of aggressors who had many victims. At the end, the representative of Self-realisation told the Client that she wanted her to smile and enjoy life. As a result, the Client said that then she had a new request: What should I do to move to my self-realization and enjoy life at the same time. And she also said she wanted to go on a trip.

 I’m very grateful for everything to Natalia Spokoiny, for the organization, for coming from Berlin to Mosсow to share her experience and skills with us, and, of course, thank to girls fellow students for the friendly atmosphere, well-coordinated work and invaluable experience.

Kochurova Marina, St. Petersburg

I didn’t come to Natalia S.’s constellations by chance. Everything contributed to it.

At the beginning of the year I listened to a webinar about the so-called “dissections”, about a new methodology that helps people solve various difficult situations. In the comments I saw that it was not a personally developed method, but the Hellinger Family Constellations. This is how I was introduced to the constellations.

I wanted to learn more about this. I did an Internet search and was directed to the “International Institute of Systemic Constellations” under the directorship of Natalia Spokoiniy.

I got interested and started watching educational and informative videos on YouTube.

And then it turned out so that I decided to go to study on the 3rd module of the Basic Course. It was five days of productive, interesting, and informative work – theory and practice. There was even more time devoted to practice, and that’s great. Every day I was drawn in by the process. I am a beginner, but with the help of Natalia S. I did two costellations and it was an incredible experience.

How great it is when a person comes to us with a request about their unresolved problems, and with the help of constellations everything falls into place, the understanding of what is going on begins, and all the issues get resolved. How wonderful it is that with the help of constellations we can help people solve challenging situations.

On the course there was a constellation conducted for me on the request I was interested in: “What do I need to do in order for my blood pressure not to increase, and stay normal” (I was having pressure spikes).

Masha was a constellator. I was a client.

In the constellation it was discovered that my great-grandmother had a secret that was like a “clamp”. She had been repeatedly raped by her stepfather, and she endured it, hid it, and suffered greatly. I said the resolving phrases with gratitude, and I gave that “clamp” back to her, and took the resource for a healthy, happy life from her. Of course, I was in a state of incomprehension, but that really impressed me. Then my blood pressure gradually normalized thereafter.

On the course I also participated in constellations in the role of a representative. And I was very impressed by it. Before coming to the course I didn’t really understand how feelings come through the Informational Field, but when I was in the role of a representative, feelings and emotions came involuntarily, and that was incredibly cool. Receiving information from the Highest, including our ancestors, possessing that information is something incredible.

There were two very strong constellations conducted on the course. One was on the subject of “schizophrenia”. Parents came all the way from Yekaterinburg to help their 23-year-old son who had been sick since he was 11 or 12 (as it was found out in the course of the constellation).

During the constellation, Natalia S. saw that the dynamics was coming from the father’s side. The correct figures were placed, the father said resolving phrases. The constellation was masterfully conducted. The parents were very grateful, everything that was done in the constellation corresponded to the facts in reality.

The second constellation impressed me a lot. The client (mother) was very concerned about her daughter, who since the age of 14 has shown a strong interest in alcohol and an excessive sexual tendencies. In the process of the constellation, Natalia S. arranged everything in such a way that we saw the reason for everything that was going on and it certainly came as a shock. What struck me was that the cause was an ancient ritual in which children were sacrificed to Moloch. In the constellation the mother said the right resolving phrases. I saw a change in the person after the constellation, it became clear why all of that was happening and what needed to be done to correct the situation.

The course also touched on the topic of “abortions, miscarriages and IVF” and how this affects people’s lives from the the System’s point of view. I was personally affected and touched by this. I still have a lot to figure out.

I am very grateful to Natalya S. for her hard work, for her care and empathy, for her understanding towards her students.

I am very happy that changes are happening in my life, and an understanding of something very High is coming.

Natalia Ptashnik, Moscow

The third module was held in Moscow from June 28 to July 2, 2022. It was an incredibly busy and productive period. We had never before had so much practical work within five days, and I had the opportunity to work as a constellator under the supervision of N.S. as many as two times (previously we only had time to do it once per  module). Overall, it was the practical experience that was the main benefit of this module.

Firstly, working with a heavy request – the diagnosis of schizophrenia in a child, and determining the systemic patterns of such severe trauma that leads to psychopathic disorders – is already a gift in itself for the novice constellator. And the opportunity to experience this work firsthand and make sure that there is no need to fear the severity of the Symptom can contribute to further professional growth. After all, the more severe the trauma is, the more significant the resource can return to the Family System.

Secondly, during the module we also mastered the handling of requests from the clients with BAR (Bipolar Affective Disorder) and BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) in the System, which is a completely different level of training for a constellator.

In the course of the work, some difficulties arose as well. For instance, personal dynamics (it seems to go all the way back to my mother, then my grandmother, her father, and great-grandmother) contributed to me being in a somewhat tense state, lethargic, and losing energy throughout the training.

This was reflected in the second practice as well, when forgetting to check the representatives, and giving in to the usual patterns of psychotherapy I chose to work with a figure in the constellation, that could not bring the therapy to the original trauma. As a result, the constellation only slightly shifted the client’s request. But this incident was incredibly important from the point of view of further professional growth.

Now I have realised, firstly, how important it is to remember to check feeling in roles, and not to rely only on the representative perception of the group members. And secondly, I realized what exactly we are looking for in a client’s System. It is a traumatic event, state, or feeling that is related to a threat to life or contributes to survival. And it is the key to choosing the right final point of a constellation

These are the conclusions that N.S.’s work with this same request led me to after my session was over.

I should also further practice formulating resolving phrases so that they are more congruent with the client’s request and personal characteristics.

The following three constellations were the most notable.

The first was about E.’s schizophrenia (a young man, 23 y/o). The clients were his parents, who had flown to Moscow from another city specifically for that. The constellation showed how critical for the creation of a psychopathic symptom is the presence of an Aggressor in the System who is responsible for multiple casualties, even if it all was done in the name of the Motherland during the war. For example, Yegor’s great-grandfather, his father’s grandfather, served as a sniper during the Finnish and World Wars and was forced to kill. Yegor’s father acknowledged and accepted these victims in his heart, which should help the patient’s healing. In any case, Yegor’s parents were deeply impressed by this image.

The second constellation was for Olga, who was worried about her daughter, who allegedly suffered from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). Despite the fact that the girl is only 14 years old, she is already drawn to alcohol.

The integral constellation was conducted, as O. also had other requests about finances and relations with men and other people around her, since the client does not trust anyone and works in the office almost alone, without any employees. The dynamics of these requests also came from the client’s father lineage, so it was decided to include them in the work.

The main symptom that represented everything heavy in the client’s System linked to these requests was called Vesuvius. This constellation was an example of how multiple abortions can affect the System. Both the client’s mother and grandmother had an enormous number of abortions.

In addition, the men of this System manifested distressing sexual tendencies towards incestuous relationships.When NS placed these children in the constellation (lots of little black objects like charging cords, microphones, etc. in black cases), N.S. had an image of terrible sacrifices to Moloch from a distant time come to her, when children were first molested and then pierced with a spear and thrown on the pyre. Most likely, all of that really happened in the client’s System in ancient times. Of course, such heavy dynamics can’t be without effect on the descendants. Being able to acknowledge these sacrifices, and take them to her heart gave the client hope for her daughter’s recovery and harmonization of her own relationships with people.

Moreover, the client saw things that she had tried to ignore. The relationship between her daughter and her father may also have been broader than just that of a child and a parent. There was a real incest without penetration, only touching. This was shown by the figure of the client’s husband, that was placed closer to the final, he was constantly stroking and caressing his daughter. And perhaps the daughter accepted this favoredly. However, in the final, after the resolving phrases had been said, the daughter’s representative said that she was no longer drawn to her father. This was important to the client.

The third constellation of the module was for A.’s request for self-realization.

This constellation is an example of structural work, as the client had three requests at once. Two of them were about realization – the ability to safely show her talents, and to attract three or more clients a month for the constellation work. The third was about the desire to smooth out an unstable emotional state.

A four-part model was placed: Body, Emotions, Intellect, Spirit. Spirit and Intellect were taller than the other figures, while the Body and the Client’s Representative crammed themselves into a corner. And the main actor was the Symptom, interfering with self-realization – Concrete, it cemented everyone except the Intellect, preventing them from moving.

This structure helped effectively delve into the client’s underlying dynamics, to find a connection between the requests and the images of the cruel worshipers of the ancient cult, who deviated from the truth in the way they exercised their faith, although they continued to lead their disciples. Images of children being molested and sacrificed by priests, most likely very cruelly, appeared in the constellation. They believed that children did not cry out in pain but in bliss, аnd that was a service to the spirits.

This dynamic was most likely the cause of the client’s inner prohibitions against realization of her destiny. She was subconsciously afraid of making the same substitution instead of serving the Highest. It was as if the fear of it cemented her. And the opportunity to see it, and take all the victims into her heart, helped her to look at the situation differently.

Hence, the new module surpassed not only the expectations of it, but also all the professional acquisitions that the previous stages of training had given. Now the long work with the received material, and the reflection on the acquired skills and knowledge have to be done.

Gudovskaya Yana, Moscow

This was one of the most productive modules of the course. I was ready for the changes, and they came into my life.

I had three very important constellations done for me. The first was on the dynamics of twins, in which I realized that all my life I had been looking for my brother in all the men I’ve met. Meeting with him took place in some other dimension, like with the closest person in the world. I accepted him into my heart, and started to treat my husband differently.

The second work was about the fear of confined spaces, which was linked to the transferred feelings from my twin brother. From when, in the womb, he made the decision to leave, and I – to stay.

When I found myself in a closed space, I unconsciously replicated the feelings he was experiencing at that moment.

I entered my third constellation with the request about money, where I realized the connection between the correctly established order in the Family System and the flow of money. It is because money is the energy of life! And when order is restored, the energy of life begins to flow through you freely. The money came to me by itself the next day, from somewhere I didn’t expect it to come.

There was a lot of practice on the module, and each student was able to practice previously learned skills. There were clients with very interesting requests, whose examples made me realize that I need to study several medical diagnoses in more depth.

There were three strong constellations conducted on the course

In the 1st constellation I realised how one can work with the dynamics of schizophrenia. And saw how the child unconsciously took the guilt of his sniper great-grandfather, who had taken many lives during the war. And his great-grandson is now taking on himself his great-grandfather  guilt and sufferings, and they manifest in him in the form of illness.

The second constellation involved 5 requests from the client, and all of them were solved in one constellation. The great experience and the deep and clear perception of N.S. helped her to see the root of the problem and to solve it in the course of the constellation. The client’s constellation showed the connection between her grandmother’s multiple abortions and the sacrifices of children to the pagan deity Moloch. The client’s daughter was rescuing her great-grandmother by taking on herself pain and all the heavy family dynamics, which manifested themselves in a lack of boundaries when dealing with the opposite sex and unhealthy sexual attraction. The constellation brought clarity and showed the history of the symptom’s origin. As a result, the condition and behavior of the client and her daughter in the Field were transformed.

In the third constellation I saw how to effectively work with the request for self-realization using the 4-part BEMS Model (Body, Emotions, Intellect, Spirit) аnd how the client’s fear of self-realization can be linked to the distorted spirituality, and massive Victim-Aggressor dynamics of the client’s father’s lineage.

The relationship between the Self-Realization figure and the figure of Emotions was interesting. How important the feeling of inner joy is on the way to self-realization!

And how, by restoring the balance between these inner parts, you can achieve your wholeness and your goal…

This time I began to integrate all the information I learned into my practice, and took my first client. It was amazing!

Nana Dosyn, Moscow

For me it was already the third module of studying Systemic Constellations. I had a feeling beforehand that the module would be intense and dynamic. Because for me the second module was tedious and drawn out.

The third module was filled with practice to a maximum. Every day we did four or five constellations. We worked on very complicated requests of both students and clients.

My practice as a conastellator turned out to be interesting. The work lasted more than 1.5 hours. With the help of Natalia and as a result of the course I was able to experience the role of a conastellator very well. Throughout the whole conastellation I was checking with Natalia’s assumptions, trying to keep up with her and to hold the Field.

NS conducted a second VIP constellation for the same client. This client had 3 requests that overlapped with each other.

  1. The client wanted to start having 3 clients for a constellation per month starting current month;
  2. Apply all her talents in her life in a harmonious and safe way;
  3. Smooth out sharp mood swings and turn them into smoother ones.

The 4-part BEMS-MODEL (Body, Emotions, Intellect, Spirit) was used in the constellation. Spirit and Intellect were significantly taller than the other parts. The Body, along with the representative of the client were exhausted and crammed huddle themselves up into a corner. They felt sleepy.

The client defined her symptom as Cement. It was preventing her from moving. When the Symptom figure was placed in the constellation, it turned out to be Concrete rather than Cement. The Symptom was affecting the parts: Emotions were small, they felt bad, the Body was in a corner. The Symptom cemented everyone but the Intellect.

The Spirit didn’t give in and didn’t budge.

In the constellation, it became clear that behind the Symptom (Concrete, Cement) there were many religious ancestors who were divided into two camps. One group the client called the “black-eyed”. They led the others. However, the faith of the “black-eyed” led not to life, but to a “dead” God. They did not allow themselves to enjoy life, to show feelings of warmth. The Spirit was dying in them, not growing in their Faith. This made the client feel threatened, and everything inside of her cemented. This was also confirmed by Intellect’s refusal to go into self-realization.

The second group was the Followers, disciples. They were the cause of the client’s resistance, of the fear and apprehension of conducting her practice in a safe way. And of safely developing her talents.

At the same time, there was a big, beautiful figure of the client’s Goal in the constellation, who wanted to dance.

There are interesting facts, such as being in the role even before I was chosen as a representative. In N.S.’s constellation, I very abruptly and unexpectedly began to feel a boundless love that seemed to shine from within me. They were N.S.’s feelings for her first deceased husband, that she still didn’t let go of. This is the ability to convey any condition through a representative.

In my constellation, I realized why I started my practice of consulting mothers on their children’s development. My dad’s parents died during the war. My dad’s mom was supposed to come to her children by train, but that train was caught by land mines on the way. She died. The children waited for her very much, but were left orphaned. She was unable to give them her motherly love and care, unable to fulfill her maternal function. She had three children.

And now I go only to those children who need a harmonious relationships and motherhood, the love of their mothers. My work with children through their mothers is the unfulfilled role of my grandmother. Dad and his sisters really needed their mom.

It is worth noting that in the Systemic Constellations the client’s request gets unraveled in amazing ways. In one piece of work the representatives showed in a short time how important the client’s own attitude towards his partners is for the request to be resolved. 

There were several difficult constellations concerning the life of a child, because the clients had very valid concerns about it (fear for the life of the daughter, schizophrenia of the son, the promiscuous lifestyle of an adolescent girl).

The parents of the young man Yegor came all the way from Yekaterinburg looking for a solution. He is now 23 years old and has a serious mental disorder – schizophrenia. The constellation revealed that he had been sick since he was 11 or 12 years old, and the dynamics of the disease trace back to his father and his grandfather. Grandfather was a sniper during the war, he had to kill a lot, and as a result of his work there were a lot of victims. And, remarkably, after him, all the men in the family died of head injuries.

The same dynamic shifted to the clients’ son.

There was a strong resonance with the client during the constellation, vivid memories surfaced. After the resolving phrases from the victims to the grandfather, the figures began to come closer to each other. It was a moment of relief for the clients, the son’s Symptom went away, and the son’s representative said that he felt better. Here you can clearly see how the descendants take on all the burdens of their lineage, how it comes in the form of illness and suffering. And how important it is to deal with these issues. And Natalia’s constellation work is the best way to do it.

There was also an impressive VIP constellation conducted. The client started having problems with her daughter, who is 14 years old. The daughter was acting too freely, uninhibited, without any boundaries, was drinking and sometimes not coming home at night. At the same time, the client has a difficult relationship with the opposite sex. She is divorced from her husband and had a very shocking relationship with her father. When she was a child, her father used to severely beat her, while also trying to perform acts of a sexual nature sometimes (kissing, caressing).

In the course of the constellation it was discovered that the client’s ancestors had performed an ancient ritual of sexual sacrifice of children to Moloch. The client encountered echoes of this ritual herself, and it also caused her daughter’s mental health problems. Resolving phrases were said. There was also a strong resonance with the client in this arrangement. She understood what she needed to do for her daughter to begin to adequately set and sense her own boundaries and to stop leading such an age-inappropriate free lifestyle.

It was an integral constellation, because the client had several requests (to help her daughter to behave adequately and set boundaries; to regain her own confidence and self-esteem; to stop closing herself off from the male half of the world), in which N.S. found a “common denominator” and reduced them to a unified request.

It was a very unusual, eventful module. I thank Natalia for the new knowledge, experience, new information. For the new impressive and successful constellations. Systemic Constellations are a unique way of short-term therapy!


Maria Orlyanskaya, Moscow

This is my final module in my long process of training to become a professional constellator, which gives me the opportunity to combine offline and online work for maximum benefit to myself and my clients. I’m both happy and a little sad at the same time. But I know it’s the right thing to do. Any process must have a beginning and must have an end. And I am approaching completing a global process for myself and moving into a new one. And it’s already reflected on a feeling level and I’m looking forward to seeing how it manifests in my real life.

I have to say that I did not expect such a powerful personal transformation process on this module. I asked for it from God, I wanted it, but I didn’t really believe it was possible! But it is possible, for which I am immensely grateful. I feel it, I know it.

NS created a Field that attracted the right people for me that enabled me to relax and get what I wanted. I am immensely grateful to NS for my personal work on this module, for enabling the students and my colleagues to bring me to the state I have been seeking for all my life, namely, to accept God in ALL FIELDS of my life and give myself permission to live with God in his immeasurable abundance for me and my personal happiness.

The NS course showed her level 8 “professionalism” with a client who wanted clarity, but was herself very “confused” about her life. Even her request, which was that she just wanted to increase her income, resulted in the fact  there was no sense of value at work and in fact there was no value in her true life (it was incredibly low), which was exactly the problem.

The work was long and difficult. However, the NS was able to find the “key” and open the door to the client’s subconsciousness, where we saw the deception and confusion: good was called evil and vice versa. We uncovered that the client’s great-grandmother had not hanged herself out of anger, but had been murdered by her daughter-in-law called Claudia, who had faked her death (the client’s grandmother) and it was all done out of revenge.

And the price of Grandma’s life turned out to be very low – namely, we saw that it was a little money for her house, which the great-grandmother wanted to give to the client, but it was wasted by the mother and her mother, the same grandmother Claudia. And great-grandmother Maria herself did not even realise that she had died. I feel that we freed her from the stranglehold of her daughter-in-law Claudia and gave her the opportunity to go “to heaven”. And from there she would be able to give many resources to her great-granddaughter (our client). This was very important, because that is where the distortion of the client’s own sense of value in life and self-worth took place.

When we uncovered all this and the client accepted the work with gratitude, we had a debate in the group after constellation, as it raised the “heavy” in everyone present. We even did a constellation test (we set a scale) which showed that this work would affect not only the client’s request but her whole life in general… She got a lot more… and it would help her in time to transform her whole life, even things that she was not yet aware of.

We tried the new, recently invented by NS model in practice. Namely to put Focus, Trauma or Symptom, and Bigger System and Focus and made sure of its extreme effectiveness. Having done 2 works on this model, we came up with answers to clients’ requests in a very short period of time. It’s fast and efficient!

While working on the module, I worked through all my requests, both voiced and unvoiced. The most important of the unvoiced ones was about accepting my magical power to the fullest extent and about my doubts about whether I could harm people with that power. And that topic magically emerged in my work with the client, where I got my answers by being only a representetive in her constellation.

Her request was for her to expand her business to make it legal and thereby become “visible” to larger structures without fear or apprehension. Lineage: Mum-grandfather-great-grandmother-great-great-grandfather. In the constellation we came out to the fact that her great-great-grandfather was richer than the others, and this was visible to everyone, as his house was the biggest and richest in the area where they lived. And some man, using magic, took his and his family’s lives to provide himself with life energy and extra time to live. And he chose this family solely on the basis of outward signs of success and abundance.

In the constellation, we saw that in real life this family died by falling down a ravine with the cart the mother and child were riding on, because something happened to the wheel. Apparently the husband’s horse was connected to the wagon and so they all collapsed together into a ditch or a deep ravine.  And there was nothing anyone could do about it. It was important that the client thanked this Magician and included him in her System. And accepted the magical powers hidden within it. And a free choice of how she would use them: for the benefit of everyone, or somehow. It’s always our conscious choice!

That explains why the client’s previous request (2 days ago) was that she was afraid to ride in the car with her husband and son. The miracle of constellations is that everything fits together and even the previous work ties together.

Another important thing for me was to clarify an issue related to my daughter. She often talks about herself, shows a worse side of herself than she really is. We put the daughter, her symptom and it pointed us to my paternal grandmother. She became church-going at the end of her  life and was constantly praying, confessing and could only talk about topics related to her faith. It sounds like she was repenting for everything she really did and didn’t do in order to receive God’s forgiveness and love.

This is exactly what I have been looking for in my life for a long time and what I have been working with in my personal work. I asked my grandmother to give me a resource so that with my newfound Faith, I could be interested not only in my work and learning processes, but also in living a regular social life and getting high from everything: work and family and friends. And this, apparently, was the important thing I needed to see in order to fully embrace my great work and to finally let God into myself and all his benefits into all areas of my life.

Once again, I am amazed at how easy it is to get what you want if you are ready for it and believe in God, the Method and yourself.

Thank you Natalia for this wonderful process of my transformation and for everything I have received thanks to her. I’m looking forward to our exam and I’m sure I’ll take even more valuable things from it!

Gudovskaya Yana, Moscow

For me, this module is significant because it is the last and is the quintessence of all the skills and abilities that I learned on the online and offline courses.

We had a lot of practice, which was very valuable. Natalia supervised two of my constellations. In the first one, the important point was testing the client’s request, which has to be done at the very beginning. How important it is to the client right now, according to the Will of their Highest Value. This sets the direction for the entire constellation.

In the second constellation, it was valuable for me to understand the significance of formulating resolving phrases and connecting them to the client’s request. It’s important to read them clearly from the Field and communicate them to the client correctly. Supervision during a student’s work is very helpful and gives us the opportunity to learn through practice and to immediately apply the new knowledge in our work with clients.

I had a 3-hour constellation done for me, which was very difficult for me to physically endure. The request was very important to me, and I was working up to it for a long time. It sounded like this: “To feel the love of the Creator and to let it into my life”. Love turned out to be an incomprehensible figure for me, one that was painful and pointless to let into my life. The Symptom pointed to my great-grandmother, who wanted to erase from her memory a part of her life when she was young. When she had to be the victim of moral abuse by an overbearing man and had to have an abortion more than once.

As her granddaughter, I inherited her distrust of men. And to some extent I avoided sexual contacts and could not explain it to myself.

My body always became nauseous whenever I was rejecting and strongly resisting what was going on in my life. Now I understand where it came from. My grandmother’s first symptom of pregnancy from her abuser was nausea. And as her granddaughter, I adopted her reaction to not accepting something.

By bowing to my grandmother and her abuser, taking the resource from them, we were able to move forward. And through my father and mother, we were able to connect with the figure of the Creator’s Love. When I touched it, I realised that I am a child born in love. It’s been two days since the constellation, and now I experience feelings for my husband and son differently. They are deeper and more tender. Now I feel the desire to be close to them and to hug my husband, something that I didn’t feel before.

Several strong constellations were done on the course as well. One of them was the constellation with the request to double the income. The client’s story involved petty conflicts in her organisation and the client being devalued, and through the constellation this the story revealed the Victim-Aggressor dynamic within the single Family System. The client’s great-grandmother was murdered by her mother-in-law, who then staged it as a suicide. Before that, she insisted on selling the great-grandmother’s house and sold it for next to nothing. In doing so, she devalued great-grandmother’s life. After discovering the family secret, the client understood the dynamic that bothered her at work in her interactions with her coworkers – they devalued her. They were showing the client the part of her that was loyal to the great-grandmother.

In the second interesting constellation done by N.S., the request was: “How to start moving with pleasure”. Client L. said that she couldn’t move anywhere (in a figurative sense), and was terrified of new events and projects in her life. The figure Horror and the Symptom Stupor were placed, and they surrounded the client’s representative. The Symptom pointed to the great-great-grandmother on the client’s mother’s side. The Armenian Genocide figure was placed, making the representative of great-great-grandmother feel horrified and unable to look at anyone.

The great-great-grandmother felt survivor’s guilt and felt it was better to die with everyone who was gone rather than go through all this. The figure of the client’s symptom Stupor was transformed into support and comfort for the great-great-grandmother.

The great-great-grandmother felt enormous regret that her daughter (the client’s great-grandmother) had to endure all the consequences of the genocide. And one can have children only if safety is 100%. The great-great-grandmother gave the client her blessing to move towards life and all things new. But having lost faith in God because of all the events in her life, she was especially wary of having children in this world, so she could not give her blessing for a happy life and marriage. This led to the introduction of a larger figure, Love. The great-great-grandmother was able to unite with the light and take back all the weight her great-great-granddaughter carried for her.

An interesting dynamic emerged in the request of the student of the Natalya’s course – to scale her business, as she can be noticed by a government official from the Revenue Service or other authorities, despite the fact that she does everything according to the law. In the constellation, N.S. came to the great-great-grandfather of the student, a military doctor who participated in the Turkestan war, and his wife. During the war, the great-great-grandfather failed to help the children of the enemy, thus making enemies in their family. They turned to a shaman, who somehow conjured up trouble for the great-great-grandfather’s family. After acknowledging what she saw and bowing to the shaman and her great-great-grandparents, the client took the blessing to start her own business.

It was interesting to see the work of Maria from Moscow, who worked with Masha from Yakutsk with the request: “how to get rid of haemorrhoids and its painful sensations”. It showed the dynamics of the client’s great-grandmother on her mother’s side of the family.

The great-grandmother could not choose a faith for herself – Christianity or Paganism. She couldn’t separate them, they seemed to be tied into one strong knot, which most likely reflected in the emergence of this disease in Masha’s life – an internal hemorrhoid knot. The resolving phrases made it possible for her to understand the causes of the Symptom and to get a resource from her great-grandmother.

It was a dynamic module filled with practice and self-improvement. Next up is the continuation of the online course, where I will be able to consolidate my knowledge and skills. I’m looking forward to it.

Maria Kyntoyarova, Yakutsk

This is the second time I have come from Yakutsk to Moscow to visit the module. This module is full of practice, like the previous one, and includes supervision and an exam. It is so exciting.

On the first day of the module, we had a constellation with a real client, a couple of training constellations among ourselves and the topic “Geometry of constellation”. The constellation of the client was difficult, the request was about a stupor when moving towards something new, and it was associated with the Armenian genocide (the client’s nationality is Armenian).

I did a constellation for student Natasha with the request for her fear she feels in the car while driving. According to Natasha, she is afraid of an accident and for her loved ones as well. In the constellation, the Symptom showed that fear was associated with a sorcerer, who was later nicknamed Dorime, and these events happened to her great-grandmother, who lived in Turkistan during the revolution. And the sorcerer said that he could spell those who owed someone. And her great-grandmother’s husband was kind of responsible for someone’s death, and thus he was indebted to someone. And hat someone turned to the sorcerer to spell death on their children. As far as I remember, all the children of Natasha’s great-grandmother died except her grandfather. That’s what Natasha’s fear is related to. Later, a large constellation was done for Natasha, and we came out again to these ancestors and this story.

This constellation was very useful to me, but I realise that I don’t have enough practice and need to refine technical aspects in the constellation.

The second day was quite busy. In the morning we conducted a couple of tests for Alina and Yana. I remember Alina’s test with a request for the Abyss. And the result of the test was that she needed to reformulate her request, as she initially sees this Abyss instead of her highest goal and goes to it.

Also on that day, a training constellation was held for me and a large constellation for Maria. My constellation was very useful to me, I realised that my hemorrhoidal node is due to the fact that my great-grandmother tied the knot as a symbol of the merger of two genera, two nationalities. That evening after class, I felt great gratitude to my ancestors for the life they gave me. And that night I had a strange, but very realistic dream, as if I was taking a man by the throat, and I had a key in my hands, and with that key I accidentally pierced him, apparently, the artery around his neck, and I clearly saw blood whipping from his neck. I wasn’t scared, no feelings at all, I just offered to call an ambulance. I think that man was my knot, and I found the key to pierce him to be healed.

Then a large constellation was held for Maria with the request “To connect two of her parts – professional, earning money, and female, accepting and giving love. The Tetralemma technique was applied. I was “Something else” in this constellation and clearly realised that I was what Maria needed to go through before she could reach her goal. I defended this goal and said that it could only be reached through me. And I was an option when she needed to live alone with love for herself, and for herself, who had her own money, so as not to depend on men. Maria had to go through “Something else” to get to herself holistic, and her husband had to pass the test by me.

On the third day we again had a real client A, whose constellation was done by N.S.. It lasted more than 3 hours. The initial request was related to earnings, but in the process we came to a real request related to her devaluation at work. The first half of the constellation showed her what was happening to her then, and I saw a little girl in her. She spoke like a childish language. But when we started the second part, she instantly “grew up” and became an adult woman. In the second part, we saw that she had chaos in life and a lot was mixed up, she confused good and evil. Her great-grandmother allegedly hanged herself with anger, and she did it sitting down. But the miracle of the constellation – we saw that the suicide was actually staged: her great-grandmother was killed by her daughter-in-law, having previously sold her house for nothing and wasting money on meaningless things, thereby devaluing life and confusing everything upside down and sowing chaos. In body A, it immediately responded, she said that the inner clamp let go, and she was able to relax. The constellation ended with a very unexpected ending, and at the same time it was to the point.

Also on that day, student Natasha did a constellation for Alina. And Alina really reformulated her request: to stay in touch with the Almighty in difficult times. Maria was appointed to the role of Sinusoid Symptom, and she felt like she was “in shit.” And I was put in the role of her great-great-grandmother. I, as great-great-grandmother, put this abyss under my feet and said it was related to children. Maria repeated the number 7 several times. Then it came to me that the abyss (as a representative we put a black tripod case) was a hole in the street toilet, and I gave birth to 7 children right there, and they died there. It was like abortion. That is, the Sinusoid meant that up – above zero, then down – below zero (in Russian, “point” as a hole in a village toilet). And we connected it in such a way that there was a pregnancy – a woman’s destiny, joy, but for some reason they fell, were born into an “abyss”. That is, apparently, somehow they were aborted into that pit.

On the fourth day, we again had a real client with a test request for taking medication and feeling of burning after relationships with men. She linked this condition to her father and maternal grandfather. When they were placed, it turned out that the father was eager for his daughter, and the grandfather had love and sex with a 15-year-old girl. And her burning symptom is related to what little girls would feel during and after sex.

Also on that day we did a constellation for me about the same haemorrhoids, but that time the request was associated with stagnation in life and the desire to get a resource instead of stagnation in the veins and in life. The constellation was very interesting. We went to my ancestor, who comes from Ukraine, he was a Cossack. I am a Yakut by nationality. And my Symptom is related to the times when the Cossacks invaded Yakutia (17th century). My great-great-grandfather came by order to conquer Yakutia, he was a prominent and “graceful” man and women liked him. And apparently he either got married or just fertilised my great-great-grandmother, where I came from. His victims were also found – both men and women. But my great-great-grandfather had an unfortunate fate, he was thrown into prison and then executed, cutting off his head. By the way the psychosomatics of varicose veins is a prison. It turned out that I took a lot of good things from my great-great-grandfather, so I had a lot of male hormones, which were suppressed with the help of female estrogens. And that was the cause of my haemorrhoids.

The fifth day was also full of constellations. We did a continuation of Natasha’s constellation: she was afraid to open an individual entrepreneur in her ownname. And they went to that great-grandmother and her family again. It turned out that they were driving with the whole family in a cart and flew off the road, as a result of which “people and horses mixed”. And there was again a sorcerer or magician who held some kind of rite over their family, apparently out of envy of their well-being. And that’s why Natasha is afraid to apply for an individual entrepreneur for herself and earn much more, as this can lead to misfortune.

On that day, Natalia gave me two works, with Yana and Maria, because I lacked practice. As a result, I had a request: “What can I do to stay present when I hear a lot of words.” The fact is that when I hear a lot of words from the interlocutor, and even from a client or Natalia, at some point I am disconnected from the conversation, stop hearing the interlocutor and switch to my thoughts. That constellation was carried out for me by Yana, for which I am very grateful to her. We came to my paternal grandmother Maria, after whom I was named. As a child, she was adopted in the family of her father’s brother, where she was incested by her uncle, her adoptive father. This decision was made by her mother, and she said many words to justify such an act. And my grandmother just didn’t want to listen to it. My symptom was related to that. The constellation ended, in my opinion, successfully, because the next day I successfully passed the exam.

Many thanks to Natalia for coming from Germany to Russia for us at this difficult time. For me, the module was very productive, I worked out my most relevant requests and successfully passed the exam, which I am very happy about. It was also very useful for me to attend so many constellations and take part in each one. After all, this is a valuable experience for us. And also to have feedback with such a professional as Natalia Spokoinyi.

Krasnova Alina, Moscow

This module is the last and, accordingly, one of the most intense in terms of practice.

During the past several days all the students had a chance to try themselves in the role of the constellator both for each other and for the invited clients. And everything, just like on the previous modules, under the keen guidance of Natalia Spokpoinyi. She helps everyone sharpen their skills and accumulated knowledge immediately in practice, which is especially valuable in preparation for the exam.

In addition to this, like the entire course, this module was built on deeply transformative work. Not only for clients (done by students and Natalia herself), but also for all the students of the course. Everyone finished the module with at least one serious constellation one for them, and with new ideas and inspiration for professional and spiritual growth. And for me it is an invaluable, inspiring experience to be in an atmosphere of such intensive inner work and creativity.

Several constellations on this module were particularly interesting to me.

On the first day, Natalia Spokoinyi worked with an invited client who had a paralyzing fear of new ventures and always avoided showing any initiative. Deep and difficult work has shown that the “stupor” the client was experiencing was connected to the paralyzing despair and grief of her ancestors, who had experienced severe persecution and the genocide of the Armenians. I didn’t participate in this constellation personally, but I clearly felt the reaction and resonance with a similar story far back in my family’s past.

Another amazing constellation was the long, complicated work with a client who set the request to double her income. But during the coaching process it had already changed, because the more pressing topic for the client was that she was being devalued at work. Surprisingly, it was not a business constellation. After a long, difficult work with the client’s resistance and entering the System, the cornerstone was found – a family secret that the client herself couldn’t even imagine was there. The constellation revealed that perhaps her grandmother had not committed suicide out of spite, like it was believed in the family. Late in her life, the grandmother, apparently sensing something was wrong, asked to sell her house as soon as possible, even for a dime, to give the money to her granddaughter. And soon after that, her daughter-in-law killed her and staged it as a suicide. This whole story gravely devalued the client’s grandmother’s life.

These heavy dynamics (aggressor and victim within the same Family System, devaluing of life) were affecting the client very strongly, and the devaluing at work was only an indication that she herself held little to no value for her life. After discovering this secret, it immediately became clear why the constellation was so difficult at the beginning, and why the client herself was so confused about her request, her goals, and the concepts of good and evil in her life.

Another interesting moment was the constellation for one of the students from the course with the request about curing her haemorrhoids and the painful sensations it brought. Here the key story was hidden in the life of her great-grandmother, who could not separate her two faiths – paganism and Christianity. In her soul, they were intertwined in a tight knot, and in the client it manifested as an internal hemorrhoid knot.

In addition to all this, I also had a personal constellation done for me on this module. My request was: “What must I do to not lose touch with my Highest Value in the moments before and during difficult moments in my life (deep abysses)?”

One of the constant difficulties in my life is, on the one hand, that I often, having almost reached my goal, seem to be confronted with an abyss that separates me from it (sudden illness or depression). And, on the other hand, that next to this abyss I feel as if I am losing touch with my Highest Value and my goal, and almost turn away from life, which aggravates the situation.

The constellation started with the introduction of the representatives of me, and the Sinusoid Symptom (moving towards the goal through falling into the abyss). Sinusoid immediately sat down in the abyss and said that it was unpleasant and it smelled like in a bathroom there. And, most importantly, showed that it was put there by some other other part of me. This part was immediately introduced into the Field, which further weakened Sinusoid, who disliked this part very much. Interestingly, the second part itself liked being scolded and called “stinky”.

This second part and the Symptom pointed to my great-great-grandmother on my father’s side, about whom I knew nothing. She immediately laid down in the abyss along with the Sinusoid. The constellation showed that she and her family had most likely experienced a lot of hardship during the conquest of Central Asia. And that the great-great-grandmother lost nine children who before or shortly after death ended up in the bottom of the outhouse. The abyss I kept encountering, which smelled so bad to Simptom, had come from this very story.

And my second part, which attracted the Symptom into the stinky abyss and was happy to be insulted, turned out to be one of my great-grandmother’s children, who survived in spite of falling into that abyss and almost drowning. And this figure was incredibly resourceful and strong.

This constellation and all the modules as a whole brought me a great new resource and launched new processes that are still underway and working to change my life!

Thank you very much to Natalia and my colleagues for creating such a dynamic and productive atmosphere in which personal and professional development always go hand in hand.

Basic Course-1: Final Report

Alina Krasnova, Moscow

The time spent studying flew by quickly. It seems that the first lesson was just a short while ago, and now the supervisory session is approaching!  At the same time, the course proved to be profoundly transformative for me. Over the months, my life and character have noticeably changed. Many of the problems that were bothering me went away, my anxiety eased, and I found a new job.

For me it is very valuable that the education in IIS-Berlin is structured by Natalya Spokoinyi in such a way that each student seriously works on themselves throughout the entire course. There are new, stronger and more confident people sitting in the last classes, people who are ready for serious professional work, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to travel this path with our 9th Stream.

In addition to in-depth personal work, the education itself is built with a strong emphasis on practice. The classes are very intensive. On each one there is a review of theory, of course papers, and of students’ questions, but most of the time is devoted to practical assignments and constellations. So all students immediately put what they have learned to practice. And this, in my opinion, is the most effective method of teaching such a refined and complex tool as Systemic Constellations. Natalia Spokoinyi points out and highlights for the students many subtleties and details of the work right in the process. And in practice details like this can be learned more quickly and on a way deeper level than pure theory.

And practice begins as early as the first classes! So even students who had difficulty sensing the Field learned to feel it in a deep and nuanced way through constant practice. My own sense of the Field got much better, and I learned to discern very subtle nuances in dynamics. Students practice doing personal constellations both for each other and for invited clients.  So it adds on to everyone’s personal work on themselves and to practice working with new, unfamiliar people. This develops our confidence and the ability to find an approach to a wide variety of clients. The theoretical part of the course is also largely presented through practice. Natalia Spokoinyi not just breaks down the theoretical points, all of them are always complemented by and dissected through many examples of the constellations that Natalia did herself, or from her teachers’ experience. Students review the recordings of a lot of these constellations later on, analyze and dissect them. It gives an amazingly deep understanding of the intricacies of how the core principles of the Systemic Constellations work!

In addition to all of this for a more complete consolidation of theory during the course, all students write several term papers. This is a difficult, serious work, in which we need to analyze both the theoretical knowledge that we have received on the course, and to break down interesting practical examples. Many of the term papers are group projects, and this kind of work takes a lot of time and requires a lot of diligence and attentiveness. Such in-depth work with material often brings out personal dynamics, blind spots come out, old traumas rise again… This is a real challenge, even for the most diligent students. But it gives everyone the opportunity to work with all of these personal problems right away, while they’re “hot”.

It’s amazing how each lesson brings up something new and interesting, both in terms of knowledge and in the sphere of working on myself. I’m looking forward to the supervisions and the amazing new discoveries they will bring me. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Natalia Spokooiniy for such a unique learning experience and the powerful, confident entry into the new profession! 

Yana Gudovskaya Moscow

Today I want to summarise my year’s training. After 32 sessions, I can confidently say that my life has changed dramatically and is divided into before and after. I fell in love with the systemic constellations method at first sight and realised that it is the fastest and most effective way to get what you want in life. I was looking for an institute with fundamental knowledge that could give me not only knowledge but also practice. And I found it! IIS Berlin met all my expectations. Natalia Spokoyniy is a professional in her field and a person with a capital letter. The training provides very much for personal growth as well as a good professional base. 

The most valuable thing I got out of this course:

  1. Personal transformation. Changes in the family and professional sphere, personal growth. The changes in my personal experience give me confirmation that it is possible to change my life and come to what I want, which I will transmit to my clients.
  2. Lots of practice which gives you the opportunity to master the method and hone it immediately on clients. Practice in training, separately in groups, with paying clients. This speeds up the quality and process of learning. It gives you confidence in yourself and in your abilities.
  3. There is a special friendly atmosphere. There are many students on the course from different countries and cities. We have developed a peculiar bond between us over the year. We often meet each other outside of school and get together for practice.
  4. In the process of learning, one develops inner intuition, which one learns to feel and follow. This is a very useful tool that I now apply not only in constellations, but also in my personal life.
  5. I’m taking with me into my life the main rule of the constellations: “Give thanks for everything”, that’s my motto now!

The main result I would like to point out is that I have been practising this method online and offline since the summer and getting my first money. I now know who I am and where I am going. So with great gratitude for an invaluable year of growth and transformation! 

Maria Kyntoyarova, Yakutsk

The basic course gave me a lot in terms of training and personal transformation. During the course, we carry out live constellations ourselves, which gives valuable practical experience. We participate in the constellations as representatives, which gives a sensual experience. As we know, every role you get is not given to you by chance, it echoes your problem, your condition and your request. You can look at your problem differently or even solve it. Also in my opinion, representativeness develops greater empathy, understanding of people and the ability to put themselves in their place.

Personally, I studied in parallel in an online course and at the beginning could not distinguish my feelings from feelings of role and was very confused. But after the first arrival at the Basic Course, this problem was solved, I understood and realized everything. It was a serious push for me in this amazing profession. 

At the course there is an opportunity to make personal constellation by Natalia, which is also very valuable. As well as the constellations that we make for each other with the help of Natalia. A lot of constellations were made to me and they were effective and were a great importance for me. All of them are reflected in the reports for each module. It is impossible to express all the feelings, awareness, all the experience gained during the course. Maybe it will be said too loudly, but I have not received such experience and awareness anywhere, in any other training. Although it wasn’t easy, it was worth it. The main thing is to understand what you’re going to, to take the benefits for yourself. Many thanks to Natalia, my deeply respected and honored teacher. I thank Alina for the videos and valuable advice. And of course, everyone I’ve met in this course.



Orlyanskaya Maria  Moscow

Report about exam and supervisions (offline) 18.10.2022

The exam was a trigger for me, as all the previous ones on the online course. Every time it showed me something important, and this time the same thing happened.

As a practiсing constellator who leads offline groups, I believe that the work should be done with a client who is already “ripe” for constellation. And not everyone who has problems is ready to solve them through this type of work. Since a constellation is a heavy artillery, in my opinion, that lifts the layers! If the client is consciously ready for this process, then an average constellation with me takes about 40 minutes (that’s just the exam time) and it is possible to give the client a complete, finished work, not the first step. And that’s important to me

It was a good thing that I had previously known the client who came to me for the exam. This helped me to make an important point for her, even though Tatiana found it difficult. Which she admitted to me afterwards. Her request (as a first step), was: What she had to do to start earning regularly from 30,000 r and more from November of this year onwards using RCT (Return Control Technique).

The line on the genogram was mum-grandfather-great grandmother. Although I felt  that there could also be a line through Dad, suggesting that she apparently had a similar dynamic through her father’s lineage. Or perhaps the parents previously came from the same lineage at some point. We just saw an example of this on this module with another client. I asked to double-check the symptom, he pointed to the mum line and so we went there.



Dome- Natasha

Great-grandmother - Nana

Yana and the Dome were set. The client said it all reflected her real life. Then we set a great-grandmother whose name Tatiana did not know. But she knew that she had a hard life, raising her children alone.

We realised from the constellation that the great-grandmother needed this “heaviness” (the dome was hers), through it she saw “her light”. And that she did it! This turned out to be extremely important! The resolving phrase for the Dome was that the client acknowledged that Grandma had coped against all the odds! On that phrase the Dome left. And the client bowed to her great-grandmother, thanked her for her life and for everything she had to endure that was important to the client, gave her all her hard work and asked for her blessing to easily earn money in the business she loved. Maybe now it will be enough for Tatiana to take the first step. But there is still a lot of work ahead, which I told her and gave her homework as well as the possibility of my support.

After 2 days it came to me how to combine in the exam ALL that is important to me: the procedure, readiness of the client and the full work. I will try to come to the final exam with one of my long term clients who will hopefully get their profound results and additionally get supervised by 2 experienced constellators, which will make this work even more powerful and valuable for my future client. Thank you for this experience and understanding how to get everything, rather than choosing one thing! This is extremely important to me, as it was with this very request that I came to the final model and got it solved.

I would also like to say a few words about my colleagues’ supervision and examinations.

It was interesting to watch the work from the side and then listen to the assessment of an experienced constellator, but separately it was useful for me to take part in Alina’s work with Mikhail. I should say straight away that Mikhail is my husband and I didn’t want to be involved in the process and I withdrew as much as possible, I wasn’t even going to be a representative.

The important thing for me was that it was in this work that Alina, with the help of the NS, got to the real solution, not just to the first step! And it helped me to understand that this is also possible in the exam and also gave me the opportunity to come to the conclusions that I wrote above.

It also gave me the opportunity to look from the META position at the constellation and at my own life. I did get into a role, but it was not a personal role, but that of the Big System, namely War. And this role subsequently brought me a lot of already personal answers, again to questions I had not voiced. For that, thanks to the exam and the NS.

Another outstanding work was the exam of Maria from Yakutsk, another of my fellow students. The request was that the client could not communicate with her own mother, as if she could not digest her and felt discomfort even in the body, namely at the level of the stomach.

The work was routine, the symptom was used to trace back to the client’s grandmother, who had accidentally killed her child. Clarity and understanding came when, with the help of the NS and the information from the Field that the NS had read and entered into the exam, the cause of death of the child excluded from the System became clear. Namely, that it was mushroom poisoning, which his mother had fed him. And that she then did not save him with gastric lavage, but simply warmed and hugged him during the night, as a result of which he died.

It’s magic! When the NS said the phrase about mushroom poisoning, everything resolved and the symptom went away. The client immediately recalled that her mother had called her just before the session and asked if she had eaten mushrooms and was worried about her health.

Thus, thanks to the mastery of NS the client gained an understanding of the reasons of what was going on in her relationship with her mother and a solution for herself.

The fourth exam was Yana’s work with the client, whose request was: what would help her to manifest her gift openly to the world.

We saw that the symptom of the Horrible Shackle, which was interfering with her, she had created for herself in order not to manifest her magical powers. The client confirmed that she worked in a helping profession and the subject of magic had always been difficult for her, but that she had chosen to side with the light and did not understand what else was preventing her from accepting the gifts of her kin. The symptom pointed to the father-grandmother line.

Yana placed the grandmother and the client with the representative bowed to her, after which the symptom receded, but the client felt that this was not enough for her and wanted to address her kin. Yana placed a figure of Kin.

The resolution to her situation was the fact that she saw and accepted that both lines of her lineage (both on her mother’s and father’s side) had these gifts and she received support and blessing from both lines. This was evident when the figure of Love stood on a chair to give the blessing, but could not stand on one chair, she needed to stand on both. Jana highlighted this to the client and it came to be understood that there is only balance when the figure of Kin was leaning on both chairs (in this case both kins). She, on the other hand, only ever looked at one line. Thanks to this she was able to experience wholeness and stop subconsciously choosing one or the other parent.

This work was important for the client, as it will be easier for her to help people find wholeness from this state.

I am looking forward to my final exam and hope that it will no longer be my trigger, but will be the quintessence of all that is important to me, without resistance and trading with myself. And will bring me a “permit” to another level of my reality.

Thank you.

Gudovskaya Yana, Moscow

The last day of supervision and the exam was very dynamic. At the supervision there were several interesting constellations that showed how the students had grown over the months of studying on the course. In one of the constellations, the client was a man with a request: “What can I do to trust my intuition?” The client is a lawyer by profession, and in his job he often questioned his own decisions, giving them to third parties to get a more objective view of the issue.

We entered the client’s Family System through the body sensations and the figure of the Symptom, who pointed to the grandfather of the client. Grandfather was a military doctor and had lived through a lot in the War.

But the key moment was the event when grandfather didn’t trust his intuition, which warned him of possible trouble if he left home. But despite all the hints, he made the decision to go to the front, shifting his responsibility to the figure of War: “I must go, the war is calling”.

Not giving importance to his gut feelings and leaving his beloved wife behind, some time later he received a letter asking for a of divorce.

After that, he regretted for the rest of his life that at the moment when he felt something had to be done – he did not trust his intuition and did not talk to his wife.

Because of loyalty to his grandfather, the client muffled the voice of his own intuition. By the end of the constellation, the client had begun to feel lightness in his body instead of stiffness.

My exam was very interesting. I had the client with the request: “What can I do to make the transition to the new occupation happen in the best way for me in terms of preserving relationships, finances, and inner harmony”.

During the coaching, the request was corrected and reworded as follows: “What can I do in order to declare my gift to the world?” It was clear that the client had a fear of showing her gift of psychic abilities.

Having identified the client’s  Highest Value as Creator and after testing the request according to the Creator’s Will, I was convinced that this request was valid and genuine. And I offered the client to choose her representative. After the representative was placed in the Field, she immediately held out and clasped her hands in front of her. After that, I, taking direction from the Creator’s Will, decided to place the figure of the Symptom, which the client named “Horror”.

The Symptom stood next to the client’s representative and put his arms around her. He stated from his role that it was as if he had been summoned. The client’s representative felt the Symptom as shackles that prevented her from moving forward. And she noticed that she has first level (personal) shackles – a lock of hands in front of her, and second level shackles – the Symptom. At the same time, the client’s representative noted that she attracted these shackles to herself and they were dark, while she would like them to be light.

At the same time, the client said that she needed to choose the light in this life. Her representative reacted to that and confirmed it.

Next, the Symptom pointed (on the genogram) to the client’s grandmother from the father’s side. It turned out that the grandmother had a difficult fate: her husband was taken prisoner, after which he was declared an enemy of the people. When the representative of the grandmother appeared, the client’s representative closed her eyes and wanted to lie down, but the Symptom held her up. The grandmother stood next to the Symptom, and also held the client’s representative. After thanking the Symptom and acknowledging that he was helping the client see someone very important, the Symptom retreated.

After saying resolving phrases to her grandmother, the client remained standing with her hands clenched in front of her – with the first level of shackles which she wasn’t yet ready to remove. The client said she wanted to get permission from her lineage. I decided to place a larger figure, the representative of her Kin, so the client could ask for its blessing to unlock her gifts. It was an important moment for the client, where through emotions she felt the resource and the blessing.

This constellation was the first step in resolving the request, and it will help the client move forward and handle her remaining symptom, the first-level shackles.

In supervising my work, Natalia made some important points: before saying resolving phrases and making a bow, it is important to pay special attention to the history of the ancestor. To look deeper into the hard things in their lives that are now affecting the client’s life.

Natalia noted that it was important to match the name of the Symptom with the feeling it evoked in the representatives. The Symptom of Terror did not evoke terror in the client’s representative, but felt more like shackles. And here Natalya’s important remark was to ask the representative if these were “terrible shackles” for her.

Natalia also mentioned that it is important to explain to the deputies representatives what it means to “trace the line on a genogram”. The constellator needs to demonstrate this and, together with the representative, trace the family line. I didn’t pay enough attention to this aspect and rushed into it, thus confusing the representative.

My other mistake was rushing. Despite the limited time available for taking the exam, it was more appropriate to give the representatives more time, rather than asking for feedback right away. In order for them to get a feel for their roles. Since otherwise the information can be inaccurate!

Thank you for the experience and the year of transformative work. The exam has been passed, all the pluses and minuses of the work identified during the supervision have been taken into account. It was very valuable for me, because now with new skills and abilities I will be able to give more to my clients.

Maria Kyntoyarova, Yakutsk

Throughout the module, we did practice, a lot of practice. And every time we listened to feedback, supervision from a professional and experienced constellator, our teacher Natalia Spokoinyi. She always clearly notices everything and speaks to the point. We always clearly know what to work on, what is missing, where to add or decrease something, where there was an error or delay, etc. And if required, she added her thoughts from herself – what came to her as a representative. Due to her, I successfully passed the exam.

On the day of the exam, everything went smoothly, the clients arrived on time. The first was Maria, and her client was Tatiana with a request to increase her earnings. She called her Symptom the Dome, which seemed to cover her, hid her. According to the genogram, they went to her great-grandmother, and it turned out to be her Dome. Maria coped with the constellation and successfully passed the exam.

Yana was the second to pass the exam and her client was Zhanna with a request for a safe transition to a new occupation and recognition of gifts from her family. As far as I understand, she does esotericism. The constellation showed that she does not want or cannot go into this occupation and as if she wants to fall back. She is supported by her Symptom and grandmother. Yana also successfully passed the exam.

I was next, and my client was Svetlana with the request to stay calm and healthy when interacting with her mother. She considers her mother an abuser, and after interacting with her, she has an indigestion and deterioration in her physical and emotional state, and she does not feel love for her mother.The representatives of Svetlana herself and of her mother, Symptom Indigestion, grandmother and deceased child were consistently placed in the Field. The constellation showed that she wants to run away from her mother, and at the same time there is love between them, but they can not see it. According to the genogram, we came to her paternal grandmother, about whom Svetlana knew almost nothing, not even her name.But, as the constellation showed, Yana, the representative of the grandmother, took the glass and said that she had buried something. Natasha, a student who was sitting next to her, felt as if she was in the role and said that she was the one who was buried and that she was a small child. Next we wondered why that child died and it came to me from the Field that it happened in sleep. But Natasha said she had been poisoned. At that moment NS raised her hand and said she had received the information from the Field that the poisoning must have been caused by mushrooms. As a result, the child died while they were sleeping. The grandmother said that she felt guilty about this death. To which NS immediately said that she got information from the Field that since she could have helped him, done a lavage or something else, but she didn’t help him in time as it was night and everyone was asleep, she just decided to warm him up and caress his tummy. And the baby died. The grandmother buried this child and buried her love for him along with it. And Svetlana has adopted this dynamic. Resolving phrases were said to grandmother and the deceased child, she took a resource from them. And I successfully passed the exam.

And due to the fact that Natalia chose Svetlana for me, I understood a lot about my relationship with my mother. After all, I also had indigestion after quarrels with my mother, and all my childhood and later, she told me that I had gastritis, but later it turned out that there was no gastritis at all. And when I was a child, I had an unreasonable fear that I was an adopted child. As it turned out later, my dad’s grandmother was adopted, but at the time I didn’t know that. And I felt that my mother looked at me as if I were not her own child. In general, a lot has become clear to me.

Then it was Alina’s turn. Her client was Mikhail, the husband of our classmate Maria. He had a request for trusting his professional intuition. In the constellation was chosen the Symptom, which was called Buratino (Pinocchio). According to the genogram, we went to his maternal grandfather, whose name is Mikhail, and who had many different diseases. But all the representatives immediately grabbed their throats. Immediately Mikhail remembered that his grandfather really had a tube in his throat through which he was breathing. The constellation turned out to be completely brilliant. As a result, the professional request flowed into a personal one, as it often happens.

In general, the fact was that grandfather Mikhail did not listen to his intuition during the war and did not clarify the relationship with his first wife before the war. And when he was called to war, she went to another man and one of the children died, but he loved his wife and children very much. And he regretted it all his life and drank the rest of his life. But if this event had not happened, the client’s grandfather would not have married his grandmother and he would not have been born at all. Therefore, it turns out that his grandfather’s first wife gave way to the second one for Mikhail to be born. Alina also successfully passed the exam.

After each exam, Natalia also conducted supervision and voiced to us all the pros and cons of the constellations we did, which she carefully wrote down in her notebook, for every step in the constellation. Each of us still has something to work on and, due to the supervision of such a professional like Natalia, everyone knows exactly what to do. Thank her for that. It’s gratifying that there were more pros than cons, and we all passed the exam successfully.

Krasnova Alina, Moscow

Both the module and the supervision were full of practice and interesting, inspiring constellations. Each student was able to try themselves more than once in the role of a constellator, to work with various, not always simple requests, and, most importantly, to receive important feedback from Natalia Spokoinyi. Moreover, everyone had a chance to work not only with each other, but also with invited clients whom they did not know in advance. The last day (of the exam) was especially eventful and rewarding.

Maria was the first to take the exam. Her client came with a request to increase her income. I was very impressed by how calmly and smoothly Maria conducted this constellation. She maintained excellent contact with the client, found the key words and held the necessary pauses, all the while keeping perfectly within the time frame of the exam.

Yana was the second to take the exam. She successfully narrowed down the client’s very broad request to the most important one: “What can I do to state my gift (helping people via energy) to the world?” The coaching and the constellation revealed that even though the client wanted to start talking about her talent, at the same time she was terrified of them. The distinguishing feature of this constellation for me was that as a finishing touch Yana placed the representative of the client’s Kin (the whole Family System from both parents sides), so she could ask for the blessing to use her gift.

After that, Masha was the one to take the exam. Her client wanted to remain healthy and calm while communicating with her mother. The constellation began with working with the representatives of the client, her mother, and the Symptom Indigestion. It showed that even though the client feels emotionally and physically ill after spending time with her mother (to the point of gastrointestinal upset), they still do have love for each other. They just don’t see it in one another.

The Indigestion pointed to the client’s grandmother, whose son had died by accident, because of an oversight. The key to the constellation was Natalia Spokoyinyi’s observation that the boy may have had mushroom poisoning. And the grandmother didn’t understand the seriousness of the situation and instead of flushing his stomach, she just hugged and comforted him through the night. As a result, the child died in suffering. With the client, this story appeared in the dynamic – “loving my mother is mortally dangerous and scary, and it makes your stomach hurt”. Surprisingly, the very same morning the client’s mother asked her not to eat the mushrooms! After the constellation was successfully finished, the client felt new resources and warmth toward her mother. And even Masha added that after this work she saw her relationship with her own mother in a new light, and gained a new insight into her own life.

I was the last one to take the exam. My client, successful lawyer Mikhail, came with a request: “What can I do to trust my professional intuition?” But, as coaching has shown, this request applied not only to the professional sphere. Mikhail often trusted the opinion of others rather than his inner voice (i.e., the Will of his Highest Value) in his ordinary life as well.



Mikhail - Yana.

Pinocchio (symptom) - Masha.

Grandpa Mikhail - Nana.

War - Maria.

Mikhail called his symptom Pinocchio, it took some time to enter the System, it had to be done gradually, through the physical sensations. All of this indicated the client’s resistance. Pinocchio pointed to the client’s grandfather (his name was also Mikhail), a military doctor who, after his service, had advanced greatly in his career, but was unhappy, drunk a lot, and was seriously ill. As soon as the grandfather was placed into the Field, all the representatives felt pain and cramps in their throats, which indicates problems with self-actualization. Michael also added that his grandfather had a tube inserted through his throat during one of his major surgeries.

Surprisingly, grandfather’s representative resonated more with the story that grandfather’s first wife divorced him, while he was serving in the military, than with the heavy events of the war and his following career. Simultaneously, the figure of War was drawn into the Field and stood up tall above everyone else, saying that Mikhail’s grandfather had escaped to her, and was using her as an excuse.

And here the key story of the constellation was revealed: even before the war began, Mikhail’s grandfather intuitively felt that he needed to mend his relationship with his wife, to talk to her, but he did not trust himself. And later he went to the front line, apparently shifting the responsibility for his inaction to the War. As a result, his wife took their children and left him for someone else. Grandfather regretted it all his life and continued to love her and the children. Perhaps that is why he drank so much and was not happy about his good career. And now Mikhail, following his grandfather Mikhail, also does not trust his intuition and then bitterly regrets it.

But at the same time, thanks to this heavy history, his grandfather met his second wife, Mikhail’s grandmother, i.e., all of this is part of the cost of his life. And the first wife of the grandfather gave place to his grandmother.

After the resolving phrases and the bows, Mikhail felt support from his grandfather, his body felt light, and the stiffness in his chest and throat relaxed. The Symptom retreated to the very edge of the Field, but it was not yet completely gone. This constellation can be considered the first substantial step in working through the set request. In the later works, it may be necessary to look into the grandfather’s story in more detail.

Conducting this constellation was more difficult than I expected. It appears that the theme of the work fell into my blind spot; a similar story must have taken place in my System as well, and this has undoubtedly affected the quality of my work. That is why I am twice as grateful to Natalia Spokoinyi for the high-quality, detailed feedback and the analysis of this constellation.

One of the most serious flaws in my work: I did not immediately connect the client’s request to trust intuition with his grandfather’s story, and I rushed to the resolving phrases and bowing before I had fully clarified this connection. Because of this (the next mistake), I almost missed the important story about the client’s grandfather’s first wife, which was the key to this constellation. Here my blind spot clearly threw me off focus, because at first I overlooked the feedback from the representatives that this story is important.

Also, while working on a strict exam schedule, I realised that it is harder for me to feel the Field and all the necessary roles if I stay in one place. Not being able to get up or walk in or around the Field makes me work much slower and worse at reading the necessary information.

Which leads to the next flaw: the slow pace of my work. In my opinion, coaching and getting into the client’s System could have been done much faster, even with the client’s resistance. Obviously I still have a lot to learn about the art of bringing the client out of their shell and to the clear waters. And about the most effective way of conducting a constellation.

Overall, this exam and the feedback from course supervisor Natalia Spokoinyi and the fellow students clearly showed me areas in which my skills are clearly not yet up to the required level of mastery. Which is very valuable, because now I will be able to work on improving them specifically. And, in addition, the exam revealed the “blind spot” – the dynamic that I had not noticed in my life before. This exam was extremely valuable to me, and showed me new ways to improve myself both in the professional and personal spheres!


Van-Gudovskaya Yana, Moscow

Today I took my last supervisory exam and I can say that for the first time I felt confident and calm, focused more on the client than on the evaluation. And I felt that way because I had a year of studying under my belt: theory, practice, supervisions, personal constellations, and my first clients.

During this one year it feels like I went through the whole 7 years of intensive work to expand my consciousness, develop my intuition, change my personal life, change my occupation, and even to change my last name. All of this happens at the moment when you are prepared internally and there is no turning back. This is what happened when I was looking for something fundamental and discovered a new world with the IIS-Berlin and Natalia Spokoinyi.

On the exam, my client was a married woman, a mother of three children, who had long forgotten what it meant to be a Woman: at ease and open. Her request was: “What do I have to do to allow myself to be at ease and open?”

During coaching, the client reacted emotionally (crying), as she recalled that 8 years ago she had felt at ease and open until her husband asked her for a divorce. And for her to be left alone with three children was like a death sentence. Ever since then she lived with a sense of betrayal and hopelessness.

Having determined that the figure of the Symptom would be the best way to show the client a clear picture of her condition, I was not mistaken. Because when the Symptom (Hopelessness) appeared, the client’s representative felt like running away from it and closing herself off so that she could not be found.

The next step was to see to whom the Symptom was pointing to on the genogram (in the Family System). He indicated the line father-grandmother. The key moment from the grandmother’s life to which the client reacted emotionally (crying) was that the grandmother left her young son with his father, took her youngest daughter, and disappeared. Afterwards, the grandfather remarried, and the client’s father was sent to live in an orphanage where they visited him sometimes.

Feedback from the client’s representative and the figure of the Symptom revealed the interconnection of the feelings. The client in her situation with the divorce and her father when he was sent to the orphanage both felt betrayed and hopeless.

We introduced the figure of Grandmother (whose name the client didn’t know), which clarified the entire picture of what was going on. Grandmother once felt at ease, open, loved, and cheerful, until one day when her husband hit her. The beatings continued repeatedly, accompanied by a sense of hopelessness, until he physically broke something in her. Grandmother was deeply saddened by this, that she could no longer stay near her husband. And in a state of shock, she left, taking her daughter with her. And she did not take her son with her because he looked too much like his father and reminded her of her husband. And the grandmother regretted this decision for the rest of her life.

As the situation became clearer, the Symptom of Hopelessness retreated to the figure of Grandmother, as it belonged to her. Client’s representative exhaled with the knowledge that she would not have to leave anyone if she divorced, and that this was not her story.

The client spoke the resolving phrases to the ancestor and gave her a bow.

After the phrases, the client felt that she stopped judging her grandmother and came to accept her destiny and also her own. The key moment was the realization that her husband is not her grandmother’s husband. With that, everything fell into its place. The client felt that the weight and heaviness left her.

By analyzing this work, I can conclude that a person living their life, in some moments of it may experience feelings that are not really their own towards the people closest to them. All because they are in loyalty to one of their ancestors, thereby trying to save them.

These feelings can be activated by any emotional situation similar in feelings to the one that the ancestor had at a certain point in their life.

By revisiting the past, we clarify the situation and find the owner of the feelings that have not been lived through, and thereby gain a resource for our own aspirations.

I have learned one of the fastest and most effective methods of working with trauma and peoples symptoms and am ready to work with it, to give others the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilled life.

I thank my teacher, Natalia Spokoinyi, for becoming a link and my guide to my true self-actualization. As well as my dear and beloved students of the 9th Stream.

Maria Kyntoyarova, Yakutsk

On the day of the exam, all clients came on time and even earlier. This suggests that they were very interested, motivated and it was important to them. It is noteworthy that all four clients had similar requests that related to relationships with men. I passed the third one, and my client’s request was: “What can I do to have a harmonious family relationship.” Her main problem was that in a previous marriage, as well as in a relationship with another man before marriage, her partners suffered from alcohol addiction and did not want or could not have children.

During the constellation, we went out to her great-grandmother, the mother of her mother’s father, who was an Old believer, but did not marry an Old Believer, and for this she was expelled and cursed by her parents. As all know, the Old Believers are a religious community that lives in isolation and has signs of a sect, as well as a distorted perception of reality. Perhaps this fact was the reason why the client developed a relationship with men who left reality with alcohol. Great-grandmother’s relatives did not approve of her husband’s choice and even cursed her for it. And therefore, there are a large number of excluded people in the Client System and perhaps the reluctance and inability to have children by her partners showed it. During the constellation, Natalia advised to put the figure of the Greater System – the Old Believer System to include them in the Client’s System. This figure said that all the answers are in her and she sets the rules. The client bowed to the System and her great-grandmother. The constellation turned out to be difficult and hard. At the end, the client was given homework to make a description of her constellation, write down in detail allowing phrases and bow.

After the constellation, we corresponded with the client. She wrote that it was very hard for her after the constellation, but she realised a lot for herself. For some time she failed to do her homework, she couldn’t open a video or there were any other incidents. But she still sent a description of her constellation and said that it was hard for her and also added that when making a description, she felt grateful and humility.

I’m so greatful to Natalia and Dr Detlef Beier for taking the exam, special thanks to Natalia for advising to introduce the Great Old Believer System and the constellation was successful. And of course, thanks to the group for their participation in the constellation and assistance in resolving the client’s request.

Orlyanskaya Maria, Moscow 

I passed the final exam, which, as I believed, passed without resistance and “bargaining” with myself, and became the quintessence of everything that is important to me. I have reached another level of my reality as a professional constеllator. The reality where I can easily and without internal contradictions work with clients, benefiting them.

I realised what exactly I need to work with a client in a high-quality way and to ensure that his (client’s) result is maximally accepted and realised by him in his/her life.

My constellation was the last one on this exam. That’s why my client was a representative in the examination work of my colleague before her constellation. I am sure that group work before the constellation is very important. Being in other roles as a representative allows you to feel a lot of important things about the client’s situation, and the client himself  “lets in” into his process and into his/her System faster.

In my colleague’s constellation my client was in the role of the great-grandmother Tasya, who cursed the Old Believers’ system and her parents, and who was cursed by her Old Believers’ parents. By marrying a man from another system, great-grandmother Tasia, excluded the System of Old Believers from her life. In marriage, she gave birth to 5 children. The upbringing and supporting of them was very difficult for her because of the death of her husband and the lack of help from relatives.

This work showed clients and their representatives how important it is not to divide the world into black and white and how important it is to include EVERYTHING that is or was in our lives.

In my exam constellation, we also lightened out an exception.

My client’s request was: “What can I do to freely show interest and start a relationship with an interesting and suitable man for me”? The line on the genogram came out Mom-grandfather-great-grandmother.



Representative of Eugene’s client - Lyudmila (a girl in a skirt and a pink blouse)

Symptom, Fear of Motherhood - Anna, the girl in green

Great grandmother - Masha Kyntoyarova

Great-uncle Eugene - Natasha Ptashnik


In reality, my client Evgenia was afraid to start a relationship and develop it with the man with whom she could potentially start a family and have children. 

Client’s representative laid down at the words “children, procreation”. When Symptom entered the Field, the Client’s representative said that it was the fear of pain.Then the client said that she was afraid that something bad could happen to the child. The symptom pointed to the great-grandmother and the client immediately told the story that this great-grandmother’s first son died in infancy, whose name was just Eugene (tha same name as the client has). In the constellation, we saw that the great-grandmother felt a huge sense of guilt, which resonated with the Client’s sense of guilt. And after him, the grandfather of Evgenia (the client) was born. From the constellation, it became clear that the representative of the Client pities this baby Eugene, who seems to have died of dehydration (lack of water).

As a result of the work, the client separated the Fate of her Great-grandmother and her deceased son with her Fate and the Fate of her unborn child. She admitted that her Great-grandmother did everything right for her, and gave Eugene a place in her heart. She realised that she was sorry, but he was her great-grandfather, he was big and she couldn’t save him. And this is the price of her grandfather’s life and her own, and thanked for it.

At the end of all the work, the client said that she estimated the usefulness of this work as 10 out of 10 and she went into her life with words summarising all this work, namely: life, love.

Separately, I want to thank Natalia for giving other clients the opportunity to attend the entire exam and work as representatives. And also her feedback after the exam and the analysis of ”pluses” and “minuses” of my and colleagues’ work is very valuable.

Thanks a lot to Natalia Spokoynaya for this 5-year-long experience! It was an important and transformative stage for me as a person and as a professional. Now I’m proud of myself!