To recover from eczema, or hidden in the lineage

To recover from eczema, or hidden in the lineage

Today there was a constellation in supervision. My request was to recover from eczema. It really interferes with my life and I cannot be cured of it with medical methods. I also tried therapeutic fasting according to the method of M. … Read more

An online course is not only a profession

An online course is not only a profession

An online course is not only about learning how to help other people, not only about a profession, thanks to which a graduate can earn from anywhere in the world working with clients from any country. The online course is about … Read more

The light at the end of the tunnel

Это свет в конце тоннеля
I have 10 years practical working experience as a psychologist/client coach under my belt.  I have travelled tens of thousands of kilometres through the mountains of India, through retreats, ascesis and ashrams. I have given a healing touch to thousands of ... Read more

Brought back from the brink!

Отзыв о книге!
I can finally breathe! Thank you so much for everything! You probably don’t even realise that you brought me back from the brink! One day I woke up with an intense pain and fever, thinking “This is it, i can’t bear ... Read more

I am ecstatic

I met Natalia quite by chance (although there are no accidents). She struck me with her beautifully simple communication. No hint of arrogance, no hint of superiority. She immediately led the dialogue in a clear and competent manner. In the end … Read more

My impressions on the systemic coaching course.

Фото Светланы Отзывы системные расстановки
Good day dear friends! I decided to leave my feedback about Natalia Spokoinyi’s education for those who are looking into this possibility for themselves. I hope that my feedback helps you make your decision. As i am used to structuring information ... Read more

Husband left me

Hello! I happened upon Natalia Spokoinyi’s site completely accidentally. I had problems in my personal husband was leaving me… During an online constellation I was informed that my husband would return in 2 or 3 months. That was exactly how ... Read more