IIS-Berlin through the eyes of its students

A Systemic Constellations facilitator (constellator) is a unique profession. Ready to quickly and efficiently help people change their lives for the better, all in a miraculous way?

Why IIS-Berlin: benefits of the course

  • You will get a profession with a high mission – not just to treat people’s trauma, but to transform the heavy energy that was twisted in that trauma into resources for a happy life.
  • If you are a psychologist, therapist, teacher, coach, then introduce the constellation in your arsenal and reach a whole new level of helping people.
  • If you have a different profession, along with Systemic Constellation you will learn the most effective methods of short-term psychotherapy, systemic coaching and business coaching.“To be honest, when I enrolled on this course, I had no idea how much I would learn in the process. I had no idea how many realizations and insight would come into my life.  My way of thinking as well, as my behavior changed fundamentally… so many realizations and answers to questions come during the process of a constellation. Whether you are the client for it or not. As Natalia says: “We all stand in our own roles”. I am immensely grateful to Natalia for all the skills and abilities I gained on the course. During the year the transformation of my consciousness was just incredible”. (Gvantsa Sh., сlass 2021, 8th stream, Arkhangelsk
  • The curriculum consists of 80% practice.

Natalia gave a little time for theory, which was not enough for me at first, since constellations are a completely new area for me. I started reading books to fill the gaps. But Natalya’s methodology is all about learning the theory through practice. And indeed, only through the practice I began to feel what phrases to say, how you should feel your body, feel the emotions coming. It is impossible to describe it in any book, because every situation is individual. (Kseniya K., Class 2019, 6th Stream, Ivanovo)


The educational process at the Berlin Institute of Systemic Constellations is built, in my opinion, on the exact necessary amount of practical work that we need to immerse deeper into the profession, as well as into ourselves, our fears and our sorrows.” (Alyona D., class 2019, 6th stream, Nizhny Novgorod)


“The most frightening thing for a person who is mastering a new profession is to start practicing it. There is fear of making a mistake, uncertainty that enough theory has been studied! Natalia has a well-known and very effective way – to practice right away: she throws us “into the deep water” so that we learn to “swim” on our own. And if we run out of strength, with her support and innovation she helps us to stay afloat and complete the process with dignity! (Irina K., сlass 2021, 8th stream, Moscow obl.)

  • A profound personal transformation on the course

Not only will you graduate as a qualified professional, but you will also work through personal issues in a very intensive way and reach a new quality level: you will get new resources and power for a happy life.

“The most important thing is that I noticed a significant change in myself. During this year of training I have undergone a powerful transformation for the better. I have developed a strong core, I am no longer afraid of authority figures and can now confidently debate and defend my interests. I realised what a strong spirit I have, how patiently, overcoming all the obstacles, I went towards my goal” (Irina K., сlass 2021, 8th stream, Moscow obl.)

“It was not just a training, but a deep inner transformation. I experienced the death of my past self, my beliefs, habits, attitudes and feelings. The main thing for me is that I stopped “running away” when I was scared, when I felt pain, when I was afraid of losing “face” or when I simply felt a lack of contact from another person. I realised where I was going, not what I was running away from.  I said goodbye to my “teacher” and let my emotions out. I saw that I have enough inner strength to choose what I really want” (Noemi K., сlass 2021, 8th stream, Uzhgorod).

  • Finding your true purpose

The most valuable things I got after finishing half of the course was, firstly, a supportive environment in which it is `   1very comfortable to learn, work on yourself and progress in your self-realization; secondly, my personal transformation, that allows me to be even more confident in my mission to be a guide in the transformation of the human soul; thirdly, professional growth: I immediately implement new tools in my work with clients and help them get deeper results in their life. And I was able to start doing constellations with my clients using her (Natalia’s) method in the middle of the course already. (Marina B., class 2020, 7th stream, Limassol, Cyprus)

 “I can’t call this course just educational. It’s a profound therapeutic program to help you reach your Soul’s true purpose. Not everyone can withstand the systemic dynamics and call on the power of the Spirit for help. What helped me personally was my Faith in God and the purpose for which I came to the course. IIS-Berlin is a place for those whose calling is to help people get through their toughest barriers, to bring to light their putrid traumas that are poisoning their lives, and to turn their faces toward God. I am very happy with the learning process, and the result I achieved for myself. I THANK Natalia from the bottom of my heart for being the first guide of my Soul’s birth experience. (Irina K., class 2021, 8th stream, Moscow Region)

If anyone is still debating about taking the course or postponing it, the answer is: definitely go now! Only now I began to understand the full value of what I gained during the time I spent with Natalia – I grew as a specialist and as a person. In general, it is an invaluable experience just to be in the spiritual Field of the Master, as there are things that are impossible to put into words. And Natalia is the Master of her craft with a capital letter!” (Ksenia K., сlass 2019, 6th stream, Ivanovo)

  • High income

Students can start working, while still finishing the course, and earn good income on it. And right after finishing the program, many of our students start to make great money from their work. For example, one year after graduation, Marina (сlass 2020, 7th stream) increased her income fivefold and earned at least 1 million rubles per month. And after a year and a half, she started earning at least 2 million a month. Graduates sometimes earn much more than the teachers, which we are very proud of.

“I started practicing online constellations, taking clients and getting paid for them about a third of the way through the study program. I also developed my sensitivity as a representative extremely well, which helps me quickly see the ancestral dynamics in the client’s Field and remove those entanglements that interfere with the client’s life”. (Alesya Sh. сlass 2018, 5th stream, Moscow)

“And I also wanted to mention an important moment: I finally started earning my first income from working with clients. This is a great achievement for me, because before I was ashamed to take money for my work, I was ashamed to even mention my prices, but now I realized that I have a lot of knowledge and skills that are definitely worth the pay“. (Ksenia K. сlass 2019, 6th stream, Ivanovo)

  • Orientation of the Systemic Constellation to the dimension of the Spirit

This makes it possible to work effectively with severe traumas and symptoms.

The goal of the therapy is to restore a person’s wholeness at all levels, from the body and emotions to the intellect and spirit (BEMS-Model (Body-Emotions-Mind-Spirit) developed by N. Spokoinyi)

I am inspired by the new experience of checking the request, the choice of representatives, the figures through the orientation towards the Highest Values and the Will of the Spirit. It really works and gives effective results on the Field. (Marina L., class 2021, 8th stream, Gelendzhik)

 I am very grateful to Natalia for the skill of working with clients, relying on their Highest Values (God’s Will, Universe, The Highest, Destiny, etc.) and also for the skill of working with the client’s Representative of Spirit. It is incredible, in all controversial issues, the orientation towards the Highest Values and referring to the client’s Spirit helps us to set priorities very clearly in both correctness, timeliness of every request and in right choice of representatives, as well as to determine in the course of a constellation whether we are in the “right cinema” and to what extent we are moving in the right direction (Alena D., class 2019, 6th stream, N. Novgorod)

  • Promotion in the scientific field

“Not only is Natalia willing to share her enormous wealth of knowledge, but she also helps her students go global by participating as speakers at world-wide congresses. For me it was an unexpected surprise and a nice bonus to the education”. (Yulia Ch., сlass 2019, 6th Stream, Voronezh)


What the studying of systemic constellations can give you personally

  • Changes in all areas of your life…

“By the way, all areas of my life have changed. In my main job (I am the manager of a company for managing non-residential properties) new perspectives and projects have opened up for me, now I see how I can combine business and constellations. The work environment has changed for the better, and the relationship with my employees has improved, now there is a special warmth in the relationship with my parents and my children.

But for me the most valuable thing that I have received on this course is the opportunity to work through my personal blocks and fears. I became confident, strong, I got inner motivation and purpose, I learned to set my boundaries and priorities, I began to trust myself and others, I met interesting people…

I went through a divorce, easily endured a known virus, successfully learned how to combine work and studying. Clients started coming to me, and my financial income is increasing every day. Therefore, this course is not just educational, it’s personality-transforming. My life will never be the same again. (Irina K., сlass 2021, 8th stream, Moscow Region)

  • Health problems get solved…

“As a result of the intensive one year study program: the level of energy, knowledge, the way you interact with the people around you changes, and health problems go away. For instance, by the end of the study period my hormones normalized, there were changes in my career, in my relationship with my parents…” (Ekaterina A., сlass 2020, 7th stream, Krasnoyarsk).

  • Personal traumas are worked through

“In the process of working with Natalia and the constellation group, I was able to work through a very deep personal topic related to a serious trauma in my early childhood. It was a request I had not been able to work through using other methods for many years. That, of course, is the miracle of the constellations, which never ceases to amaze me. (Irina K., сlass 2021, 8th stream, Moscow region)

  • Families reunite…

“…I don’t know anything about my dad since I was 5 years old, I don’t remember my grandparents on my dad’s side very well. And the constellation helped to connect what is inside of me to dad’s lineage. In doing so, I got closer to my dad. I reconnected with dad’s lineage and his grandmother, great-grandmother, and mother. Inside of me, we are very close, as if we had never parted. I’ve discovered the women of dad’s lineage within me. And they give me tremendous support and confidence.  In addition, after the constellation I had met my father, and now we are communicating and building our relationship anew. (Ekaterina A., сlass 2020, 7th stream, Krasnoyarsk)

  • It’s not only you who changes, but also your loved ones…

I had a miraculous effect on my husband, without even meaning to: his relationship with his younger sister and his stepfather improved greatly. I think that by removing my claims against my mother through the constellation, and reconnecting with my father, while

putting myself in my daughter’s place, I nonverbally shared this impulse with my husband. He, too, had a change in his internal feelings about his stepfather, so his grievances disappeared too, and were replaced by gratitude and respect for all that his stepfather was able to give him. This is exactly how a constellation works if you thoroughly work through it’s results”. (Ekaterina A., сlass 2020, 7th stream, Krasnoyarsk).


Optimal price-quality ratio

  • All inclusive programm

    • We teach the whole range of constellation types and the online format of them: family, organizational, structural, symptom, individual setting, online group, etc.

A lot of unique information about the methods of the constellation work, the subtleties in each particular case – everything that can only be mastered by experience, in the process of interacting with the client and the field of the group. And Natalia’s generosity in sharing her vast experience of many years has been very valuable to me, helping me to structure the knowledge I had and to form my mindset as a constellator, in the most global sense, to see the constellation work as my life path”. (Irina T., сlass 2021, 8th stream, Tula)

“When I was choosing where to study, besides IIS-Berlin, I looked at two other websites of institutes that teach systemic constellations. But something was leading me here. And not for nothing. Now I realize that the quality and the level of knowledge that Natalia gives is at least one order of magnitude higher than at the other institutes. Natalia, thank you for all the knowledge and experience you share with us. For the time and effort you put into our education. We really appreciate it!” (Yelena L., сlass 2019, 6th stream, Yekaterinburg)

    • This is a unique study programm, where 6 courses are combined in one: systemic coaching, systemic constellations and short-term trauma therapy in offline and online formats!
    • In addition to the deep transformation, you also acquire three specialties and certifications for each, including the DGfS certificate (there are as many as 7 certificates):
      • Systemic Coaching
      • Systemic Constellation
      • Trauma Therapy

“During the course I personally conducted more than 10 constellations, learned to unravel the intricate stories of ancestral systems, as if navigating the trail of bumps through a swamp of fear and despair. Natalia teaches first and foremost to trust your inner intuition, use objects and all the information that comes from the Field. I learned how to quickly step into all representative roles and swiftly bring up all important points to the client’s attention. You will learn how to do quick (30-40 minutes long) and deep work only at this institute”. (Irina K., class 2021, 8th stream, Moscow Region)

  • Our groups are smaller than usual; the program includes much more special courses than the standard one. Students recoup the money for their tuition very fast.

“I am very grateful to the exams, the supervisors, my fellow students, to Natalia in particular, and to myself for the entire course, for the shared work and for the life that is now possible for me. I have started and am actively developing my private practice, the flow of clients is growing and I have even raised the prices for my services. My clients write feedbacks full of gratitude for what their lives have become after working with me. And they come back to work with me again, which shows my professionalism and that they see and appreciate it, and so trust me with their lives again and again when they face new challenges on the way to their happiness. (Maria O., сlass 2020, 7th stream, Moscow)

 You can follow this whole path, from personal growth to the acquisition of a helping high-spiritual profession, on the course “Systemic Constellations in an Online Group”. The course is unique in that it combines deep personal transformation, obtaining a new in-demand specialty, and a very good income. But most importantly, you will be happy to know that your work has changed people’s lives dramatically, they gain self-belief and confidence in the future.

“After the exam, I already did a lot of successful and powerful constellations, I already have appointments booked for three months ahead, and 5 people in long-term coaching. I both raised the prices and took long-term clients. There are a lot of thoughts of what else I want to do. My clients write feedbacks full of gratitude for what their lives have become after working with me. And they come back to work with me again, which shows my professionalism and that they see and appreciate it… Both exams and supervisory modules gave me a lot :))) and the most important thing is that people see changes in their lives. My husband (a lawyer) also has changes in his life. He also has growth in his career, got a 🔥🔥🔥🔥 position and new clients in the field.

After completing the course “Systemic constellations online” by Natalia Spokoinyi, I can say with confidence that my life has changed dramatically: I became a professional in the field of coaching and constellations. It became possible due to the great amount of knowledge I received on methods of working with the subconsciousness, on the position of the coach, and the safety techniques when working with a client, on the importance of understanding the Highest Values of the client, and much more. (Maria O., сlass 2020, 7th stream, Moscow)


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