Clients of IIS-BERLIN teachers, the participants of seminars, webinars, educational courses are obliged not to disclose confidential information about other participants received on the course.

We record (on video and audio) all constellation seminars, webinars, groups, educational courses in order to ensure the safety of the participants, as well as for educational purposes. We also guarantee complete confidentiality to our clients. Students’ personal works on the course are also recorded and posted on the institute’s website. For educational purposes. Upon request, edits can be made to cover faces in videos. In some cases, at the student’s request, we may not publish part of the video. But this must be negotiated in advance. In any case, the publication of the video must not be (in any form) dangerous for the student.

Recordings of congresses and open webinars are posted on our website for public access, and we warn participants and clients about it. Those who do not want to be recorded should turn off their camera and not participate in the process. We do not accept complaints related to video recordings after a public event is over, and we do not remove these videos from the internet.

Students and everyone who participates in the events are responsible for their own wellbeing. Systemic Constellation is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. If you require constant medical supervision, you should discuss the feasibility of participating in Systemic Constellations with your doctor.

After submitting your application, you will receive an email confirming pre-registration and the different payment options. Registration is considered complete after you pay for the package you have chosen, or pay the amount agreed upon on the interview. In some cases it is possible to pay only the deposit that is specified in the contract.

If you cancel a webinar or seminar no later than 9 weeks before it starts (no later than 25 weeks – for the course), we will refund you in full, minus the processing fee (100€ for the course, 50€ for an additional payment for personal constellation or for a single seminar).

If you skip courses, study days, sessions with clients, etc., there is no refund. It is possible to reschedule dates of the course, seminar, or session upon agreement. If a student needs additional classes, they have to pay for them separately based on their teacher’s rate.

If the institute is the one to cancel any events (usually, 8 weeks in advance minimum), the tuition fee is refunded in full. We do not accept any other monetary claims.

You can enroll both on the full course, and on individual modules.

For events taking place in Europe, participants from outside the EU must take care of their visa, and all associated expenses and responsibilities themselves.

The administration reserves the right to change the teachers, location, and starting date of a module (information on it will be provided no later than 8 weeks in advance).