Natalia Spokoinyi

DGfS (German Society for Systemic Constellations) and ISCA (International Systemic Constellations Association) certified trainer in systemic constellations

Certified psychologist, member of the World Council for Psychotherapy ( and European Association for Psychotherapy ( )

International lecturer and member of PPL (Russian Association for Psychotherapy)

Trauma therapist (amongst others author of the method “Quadripartite Model- Body-Emotions-Intellect-Spirit” and other short-term integral trauma therapies for restoration of personal integrity in cases of deep trauma often caused by incest, sexual abuse or equivalently radical dynamics)

Author of various articles and books related to trauma therapy and constellations

Certified counsellor for systemic sexual therapy (by Institute for Sexual Therapy Aachen/Heidelberg)

Christian Psychotherapist (following the methods of Marilyn Murray)

Theologist, lecturer for exegesis of Old and New Testament (for Russian Orthodox Church, Berlin). Student of Priest Alexander Men; regular participant of the Ecumenical Theological Congress of all Orthodox, Anglican and Catholic Churches in Monastero di Bose, Italy.

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