Constellation on Business Issues

If there is a need to work on yourself with the help of a psychologist, for instance, solving current business and family problems, I highly recommend to turn to the specialists of the International Institute of System Constellations under the guidance of Natalia Spokoinyi.

I came to the first constellation meeting with an urgent business issue, I had to decide on a course of action regarding business and particularly a major transaction at the time. Natalia Spokoinyi raised a variety of simple questions to steer my thoughts in the right direction, which helped me to set priorities and form a request truly important to me and helpful in regard to my issues…

The results are amazing! Not to mention that I became aware of my limitations and possible family causes, that my obstacles were transformed into resources and that I received a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the system from different angles, I will briefly share the essential result achieved after the constellation.

I chose to strictly follow my spiritual beliefs when conducting business. Within the boundaries of “living in truth” I am at balance, feel like a whole man. I believe that following this life choice changed the alignment, difficulties resolve, I have strength to act and to follow through till undertakings to an end.

Ultimately, I made another constellation with Natalia, on family issues this time, but this is a different story.

Characterization: professional work, genuine enthusiasm for the issues and care for the client, fair pricing.

Note:  Six weeks after the constellation Leonid resigned from the company, which engages in illegal transactions. His compensation was one and a half million, exactly the amount he set out to earn as a goal in the constellation.