To recover from eczema, or hidden in the lineage

Today there was a constellation in supervision. My request was to recover from eczema. It really interferes with my life and I cannot be cured of it with medical methods. I also tried therapeutic fasting according to the method of M. Oganyan and work in personal psychotherapy. The result was temporary, a decrease in the symptom for a couple of weeks or a month, then the disease returned. Previously, at the peer-group we managed to go through the lineage and feel for the state of someone who died and was not mourned. For a short time of preliminary test constellation, this was a gift for me. It was not clear and disturbing to me, but the feeling that we were going in the right direction did not leave and this gave me hope. 

In the supervising constellation itself, I was able to go further into the system and identify a possible magical effect on the part of my ancestor, and the victim of this effect, whose symptom is very clearly manifested in my life. And it’s not just eczema. It is also associated with sexual contact and sexually transmitted diseases. I must say that I have had problems with contact with men and STDs since the beginning of my sexual life and qualified doctors shrugged their hands, not understanding why my body does not respond to treatment in the same way as in practice with other people. Once a doctor offered me systemic treatment for free, as a study, because he was interested. This gave results, but not for long. Now there is a disease that I tried to cure with medication, through work in psychotherapy, meditation, but everything gives a short temporary effect. I want to say that the short constellation allowed me to see the whole chain of relationships between my illnesses and the histories of the family system.

After the supervisory constellation, I no longer feel like crying at the thought of eczema, my reaction became calm, I had clarity about where to go next. I thank Dmitri Blizniuc for working with my request for a peer-group and supervising constellation. For precise guidance, reading information from the field, a benevolent space in which I was able to speak openly about the painful. 

And separately I am writing to Natalia Spokoinyi. I am very grateful to you for reading this information from the Field and voicing it, I myself am very scared to look there. After your comment I just exhaled and many things became clearer. And for your support during the constellation. Thank you for teaching and passing your knowledge and experience in constellations.

I thank the representatives Yana, Alina, Alexandra, Maria for reflecting the dynamics of the system. And Melek, who very accurately reflected my condition, is just fantastic. And Natalia Ptashnik for providing information about the opportunity to be a client for supervision of trained constellation specialists.

Now I have the opportunity to go into a deeper request, which became visible after this constellation, and work with diseases. I will gladly update my review after a couple of months based on the results of my constellations related to my diseases.