The constellation saved the life of a patient with a suffering from COVID19

This really works!
I was advised to turn to Natalia for help as my family was in a difficult situation and my husband’s health and life was under question. My husband had contracted Covid pneumonia with lung infection reaching 70%, and he had a high temperature for 20 days. And all this while he had four other serious diagnoses: lymphocytic leukemia, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis С. I had to mediate between my husband and Natalia, because my husband was in a serious condition in the hospital. During the constellation session, I felt trust and Natalia’s desire to help and a connection to and contact with Natalia. This really works! My husband’s temperature normalised and, most importantly, he gained faith and a desire to fight his disease. There is still a lot of work ahead, but we have begun and the crisis is over. We are on the mend, cancelled all IV drips, left one antibiotic in. A week after the constellation my husband was discharged, his breathing became easier, he can manage without extra oxygen. He does breathing exercises to develop his lungs, is in a good mood, listens to sermons and thanks God for everything. Thank you, Natalia, You are a true professional and a real Person (with a capital letter) who gives Faith, Hope and Love to others. This message, for me to see you, was sent from on high.