Well-being in a family

My getting to know the method of systemic constellations and meeting Natalia impressed me a lot.

The first successfully completed constellation session changed my life.

After it, my husband stopped nagging at me. Yet, although my husband melted, it was difficult for me to continue working and come to the constellation sessions: he forbade me that, threatened me with a divorce, and one day he even refused to stay at home with one four-year-old younger son, so, I had to take him with me.

At the consultation, a week before the work itself, my son was acting up, bothering us and demanding attention. Surprisingly, he behaved very calmly during the constellation: he entered the constellation field himself and played the roles when substitutes were sometimes needed: he was very natural in it, clearly showing where he was and who he was.

That day, the constellation finished late at night but my son, late as it was, was not rambunctious but, on the contrary, was veryquiet. He liked it, and later he asked me: “When else shall we go to Natalia?” To my surprise, my husband met us at home calmly, without yelling or agitation.

Soon after that, I had to go to Kazan to leave my son with my parents for a while. For the first time over the recent two years, my husband agreed to go with us, without me coaxing him and without him blaming me. Actually, my husband hated my mom but that time he was very quiet and composed and even, for the first time in many years, he called my mother mom.

After visiting my parents, I realized that I had neglected my elder son. I did not wish to hear about his father, I did not even want to hear his name mentioned. And our son showed how aggressive he had become: at some point, drunk, he grabbed a knife and wanted to quarrel with some people. This is horrible: it is good that his stepfather was able to stop him. So, I made a request for my elder son. In the process of work, other circumstances emerged. The constellation showed that I wanted to escape the trouble. Now I understand: you cannot build a relationship in the future without saying good-bye to your past.

During that constellation, my son texted to me and an hour after the constellation finished, he called me, apologized for what he did and asked if his stepfather felt offended or not. On the following day, my husband told me that he wanted me to bear his name, and we got married officially.

Later, among other things, my brother-in-law told me that my voice changed. And my husband added that he could not recognize me recently and that he was falling in love with me more and more.

Thanks to the constellations, I learnt many facts about the members of my kin who had been forgotten.

I also realized THE VALUE OF LIFE.

Thank you very much for your work.

May God bless you!