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What are systemic constellations in the online format?

Usually systemic constellations take place only offline, in person. After all, they require the presence of a constellation field; the positioning of the representatives in space in relation to each other is important; and so is the body contact with the client.

But technology is moving forward. Now you can fully work not only in your city, but also with an online group  over the internet. And you receive clients from all over the world. The Berlin Institute of Systemic Constellations has developed an exclusive program after which you can conduct constellations in an online group: via any video conferencing program, Skype or any other means of communication, keeping in contact with the client and the group remotely. The training program offered by IIS-Berlin is the only one in the world today.

You can follow this whole path, from personal growth to the acquisition of a helping high-spiritual profession, on the course “Systemic Constellations in an Online Group”. The course is unique in that it combines deep personal transformation, obtaining a new in-demand specialty, and a very good income. But most importantly, you will be happy to know that your work has changed people’s lives dramatically, they gain self-belief and confidence in the future.

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Расстановки обучение онлайн

Why IIS-Berlin?

  • German training program and scientific approach

    Innovative technologies of constellation work, based on international experience of the best specialists. A unique program, where material from 6 courses is combined in one, and you get 7 German certificates at once. Suitable for everyone, even if you are not a psychologist or coach…

  • Optimal price-quality ratio

    We already have 11 years of teaching experience. 1st study group started in November 2013; 9th in January 2022.

  • Small groups of 8 students, 80% of learning is based on practice

    with invited clients: the teacher supervises the work step by step. Parallel to the training, students start independent practice with paying clients.

  • Orientation of systemic constellation to the client's Highest Values

    The aim of the therapy is to restore the integrity of the person on all levels from body and emotions to intellect and spirit – the author’s method BEMS-Model (Body-Emotions-Mind-Spirit) by Natalia Spokoinyi. It allows you to work with severe traumas and symptoms (consequences of wars, violence – including sexual violence, incest, etc.)

  • All inclusive programm

    The unique study programm, where 6 courses are combined in one: systemic coaching, systemic constellations and short-term trauma therapy in offline and online formats! We teach the whole range of constellation types and the online format of them: family, organizational, structural, symptom, individual setting, online group, etc.

  • Our groups are smaller than usual; the program includes much more special courses than the standard one.

    The program includes a special course on self-promotion skills to help you sell your services. Students can start working, while still finishing the course, and earn good income on it. And right after finishing the program, many of our students start to make great money from their work.

  • There is a profound personal transformation on the course

    Not only will you graduate as a qualified professional, but you will also work through personal issues in a very intensive way and reach a whole new level: you will get new resources and power for a happy life

  • Finding your true purpose

What the studying of systemic constellations can give you personally

Changes in all areas of your life...

“By the way, all areas of my life have changed. In my main job (I am the manager of a company for managing non-residential properties) new perspectives and projects have opened up for me, now I see how I can combine business and constellations. The work environment has changed for the better, and the relationship with my employees has improved, now there is a special warmth in the relationship with my parents and my children.

But for me the most valuable thing that I have received on this course is the opportunity to work through my personal blocks and fears. I became confident, strong, I got inner motivation and purpose, I learned to set my boundaries and priorities, I began to trust myself and others, I met interesting people…

I went through a divorce, easily endured a known virus, successfully learned how to combine work and studying. Clients started coming to me, and my financial income is increasing every day. Therefore, this course is not just educational, it’s personality-transforming. My life will never be the same again. (Irina K., сlass 2021, 8th stream, Moscow Region)

Health problems get solved...

“As a result of the intensive one year study program: the level of energy, knowledge, the way you interact with the people around you changes, and health problems go away. For instance, by the end of the study period my hormones normalized, there were changes in my career, in my relationship with my parents…” (Ekaterina A., сlass 2020, 7th stream, Krasnoyarsk).

Personal traumas are worked through

“In the process of working with Natalia and the constellation group, I was able to work through a very deep personal topic related to a serious trauma in my early childhood. It was a request I had not been able to work through using other methods for many years. That, of course, is the miracle of the constellations, which never ceases to amaze me. (Irina K., сlass 2021, 8th stream, Moscow region)

Families reunite...

“…I don’t know anything about my dad since I was 5 years old, I don’t remember my grandparents on my dad’s side very well. And the constellation helped to connect what is inside of me to dad’s lineage. In doing so, I got closer to my dad. I reconnected with dad’s lineage and his grandmother, great-grandmother, and mother. Inside of me, we are very close, as if we had never parted. I’ve discovered the women of dad’s lineage within me. And they give me tremendous support and confidence.  In addition, after the constellation I had met my father, and now we are communicating and building our relationship anew. (Ekaterina A., сlass 2020, 7th stream, Krasnoyarsk)

It's not only you who changes, but also your loved ones...

I had a miraculous effect on my husband, without even meaning to: his relationship with his younger sister and his stepfather improved greatly. I think that by removing my claims against my mother through the constellation, and reconnecting with my father, while putting myself in my daughter’s place, I nonverbally shared this impulse with my husband. He, too, had a change in his internal feelings about his stepfather, so his claims disappeared too, and were replaced by gratitude and respect for all that his stepfather was able to give him. This is exactly how a constellation works if you thoroughly work through it’s results”. (Ekaterina A., сlass 2020, 7th stream, Krasnoyarsk).

From students' reviews...

If anyone is still thinking of taking the course or waiting, the answer is: definitely go (Tamara S., Ivanovo, a student of the first stream of the online course, 2013).

During my studying on the course in 2012-2013 I have gained sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for professional constellation work.

The important difference is that Natalia teaches through a great deal of practical work – and this is invaluable because during a constellation – observing her special style of work – you absorb all the subtleties in every cell of your body. And this is a special kind of learning.

But the most important difference of this course from all other courses is that Natalia teaches the subtleties of conducting constellations in an online format. The knowledge I received now allows me to expand my toolkit to include online constellations in my remote work. Which is considerably different both in terms of expenses and efficiency of effect.

Besides, thanks to Natalia I have been a successful speaker at the psychotherapeutic International Congresses for 2 years in a row, and have co-authored 4 articles in the magazine “Psychotherapy”, which has been an invaluable experience for me. She provides opportunities for her students to grow and in doing so she supports them along the way.

If anyone is still thinking of taking the course or waiting, the answer is: definitely go.

I have just now understood the value of the time I spent with Natalia – I grew as a specialist and as a person. In general it is an invaluable experience just to be in the Master’s field, as there are things that are impossible to put into words. And Natalia is a Master of her craft with a capital letter!

“Top notch” work of a master of layouts. (Veronica, Russia).

Sharing my impressions of the course. (Svetlana S., business analyst, coach, professional manager, MBA and vast experience in the real sector. Moscow)

A lot of the training is based on practice, on developing our skills. We deal with real client requests during the classes. The teacher (N. Spokoynyi) follows the process of constellation and pauses the session from time to time to bring to our attention the little details and hidden meanings. Natalya Spokoynyi is a very sensitive and empathic person. She cares about us (students) very much, tries to give us the best of herself. I would also like to emphasize professionalism and a huge wealth of knowledge and experience of Natalia.

About the result

After a relatively short period of time (about 2 months) I started to get the return (I noticed a transformation of quantity into quality). When working with a client I began to see more deeply, to understand where a client is leading or what’s running away from, why it is happening and how to get the client to the result more effectively. I am growing, becoming more confident and professional, and this is inspiring and motivating. And I know that this is just the beginning, with more and more to come.

A very powerful training session: step by step! (Tatiana Logue, France)

I was very impressed by the professionalism of Natalia Spokoynyi: Natalia, as a constellation-tutor, supervised the student in a step-by-step manner – very cautiously, keeping safety, immediately giving the student feedback, showing the possible options and explaining why and for what reason one might try to do it this way but not in another way.


What student gets after successfully completing the course

  • one-year course – IIS certificate of international level for System Coaching
  • one-year course, and two modules of Basic Course:
    • IIS certificate of international level for Online Constellations Facilitator and a specialist in Spiritually-oriented Constellations
    • the possibility of certification in the CI, the World Association of Constellations
    • the opportunity to take a specialised course on working with symptoms and trauma (level 1) of a person, family, an organisation, society at a discount of 70% and to be certified as a trauma therapist
  • one-year course, and four modules of Basic Course:
    • Level 1 Trauma Therapist Certificate
    • the possibility of whole certification in the CI, the World Association of Constellations
    • Recognising in IIS-Berlin and Germany as Systemic Constellater;
    • the possibility of certification in the World Association of Business Constellations.

Our teachers

Natalia Spokoiniy расстановки обучение онлайн

Natalia Spokoiniy


  • Certified psychologist of the EAP and WCP (World Council for Psychotherapy).
  • Acredited Specialist and instructional coach for systemic constellations.
  • International OPPL instructor, specialist in systemic sexual therapy, spirituality-oriented trauma therapy (using unique methodology).
  • Christian psychologist
  • Theologist
  • Published author of scientific papers, books, and reports presented at international congresses and ecumenical conferences.

расстановки обучение онлайн

Dr. med. Detlef Beier

Certified Trainer

  • Medical doctor and general practitioner.
  • Doctor of holistic and energetic biomedicine, homeopothy and sports and transpersonal medicine.
  • Teaching therapist – trainer of systemic and organisational constellations.
  • Former сhairman of the DGfS recognising committee.
  • 20 Years of seminars, reports, supervision and placement work.
  • Master level NLP, certified trainer on the subjects of health and fitness as well as burn out syndrome.

Cost and organization of the education

  • Длительность

    • Duration
      • The course duration – 1 year;
      • A translator (English) accompanies the group.
      • The course consists of:
        • 8 modules (32 lessons once a week); the lesson duration 8-10 ac.h.
        • Independent practice (10 ac.h)
        • Individual lessons (6 AC .h.)
  • Prices

    • prepayment of 2500€ for the practice and individual lessons is required when registering for the course;
    • if you pay in full before the course starts, the modules will be priced at 4500€ (small installments are possible), in total the price including prepayment will be 7000€;
    • if you pay for each module individually, the module price will be 700€, and the total price of the course will be 8100€;
    • there are other payment options and discounts – they are negotiated at the interview.


  • We will consult you on the course, on your self-realization as a constellation facilitator, and on your income after and even during the course. We will also answer all your questions.
  • The consultation is conducted via Zoom or Skype. You are welcome to contact N. Spokoinyi in Skype – n.spokoinyi
  • In your message state your surname, first name, city, country, age, and profession.