Reports from students of the online course – class 2022, 9th stream


Reports on the first block of the course, class 2022, 9th stream

Gudovskaya Yana, Moscow

As I finish the first part of the course, I want to write about the changes I’ve had.

Despite all the contradictions and obstacles on my path, when I made the decision to buy this course, internally I was 100% sure that it was a step into my new life. It worked out just like that!

On the course, every lesson is a practice: practice in coaching, practice in Systemic Constellations, practice in reading the Field, and practice in working with a client. Every week we learn something new! And every time I learn something new about myself: the reasons for my behavior in this or that situation, the cause-and-effect relationship of events occurring in my life, how the relationships in my family change, how those around me change their attitude toward me, etc. At some points I see real miracles that happen after constellations. 

In my case, it was the relationship with my husband. Before the course I had a lot of thoughts about divorce, but after several constellations I started to see our relationship differently, realizing that we can start moving towards a new life together! I reconsidered my role in the family, understood the reasons for the discrepancies in our union, and realized what points I still needed to look at and work on.

The second aspect of the changes concerned my personal transformation and values in life. I decided to leave my previous job and the field of employment where I had worked for more than 15 years, and devote my future life to the Systemic Constellations. I believe it is one of the quickest and most effective ways to look at any problem, at its cause and ways to solve it. And when, after a constellation your behavior towards the situation or the person becomes different, when your views change, new desires and thoughts, new discoveries emerge – you begin to believe in miracles!

Miracles begin as early as when you observe the work of the morphogenetic field. For instance, when in another student’s constellation, the important moments that you need to look at are echoed and illuminated. You are literally placed into the role of the representative for the figure you need to work with in your own family system. When you stand in the role of a representative, you feel your own trauma. And as you say the resolving phrases, you simultaneously say them to your own father, not just to the client’s. And so, while resolving another person’s request, you live through your own physical catharsis.

Practical work with classmates gives you confidence, and an extra push to start your own practice. And all of this was done in 10 classes!

On the 4th lesson already, a real client came to us and we helped him solve his problem! I am focused on achieving a total transformation, and I know for sure that I’ve come to the right place!

Maria Kintoyarova, Yakutsk

We got a lot of information, knowledge and skills during these first classes. We have studied such concepts as – system, representative perception, the laws of the system, what you need to say to the client before constellation, what the result of the constellation depends on, as well as how you can work with any problem.

At the beginning of each lesson, as well as after the constellation and at the end of the lesson, we make a so-called “circle”, during which we, students, coach each other and give feedback on the constellation and the whole lesson. The circle helps a lot to consolidate the experience gained, as well as to work out yourself during coaching. It is also very important that we have learned to correctly formulate our requests and symptoms, which play a key role in the constellation.

In many classes, we have already held constellations for some students, as well as the constellation for a real client. Natalia gives very capacious remarks and comments during the constellation, which explain to us what this or that action, question or phrase for.

I want to write something personal. My last request during the circle was: What can I do to start breathing full nose and chest in every sense? The fact is that I am sometimes tormented by the congestion of the nose of an incomprehensible nature. A couple of days after class, I had a dream that it was happening to me because someone drowned in my family. In the morning I woke up with an incredible insight, I would never have thought. My dad’s younger brother, my uncle drowned. I will definitely discuss it in the next class with Natalia and my classmates.

Natalia is a high-class professional both an constellater-therapist and a teacher. Each lesson is very informative and exciting. It’s a great luck for me that I study here. 

Aksana Heise

During my training I learned about the author ‘s method of the 4- part model “Body-Emotion-Mind-Spirit” by Natalia Spokoinyi. Working on this model helps to gently enter the client’s system, look together with him or her at the trauma that caused the symptom and transform it into a resource. Trauma always splits the wholeness. 4-part model helps to look at the wholeness of an organization and quickly find the true cause of the trauma as well as understand how to find the necessary resources. In the organization, trauma splits the internal parts: Body, Emotions, Intellect and Spirit. When using the 4-part model, you immediately understand what to do and where to go, everything becomes clear.

During this time I did two constellations. I enjoyed being the facilitator, it was incredibly interesting. I realized that  a facilitator is a versatile person who is successful in many areas. First, it’s about time management. A facilitator has to manage time properly and manage to get more done in less time, even when time is limited and pressure is high.

Secondly, a facilitator can be compared to a film director. Under his or her guidance, roles are assigned and figures of representatives play their role during a constellation. The basis of a constellation is a life scenario authored by a client.

Third, a facilitator must be able to think strategically and see things in perspectives. This ability helps a facilitator identify points that are not obvious or confusing to a client.

Fourth, a facilitator belongs to the category of highly sensitive people or, as they say, people with “thin skin”. Highly sensitive people have keen sense of elusive environments, they see details and understand what is going on without words. Hypersensitive people develop creative abilities because of their characteristics. This allows a facilitator to be in all roles during a constellation without any problems.

I took the opportunity to participate in the Аcademy, where you can make statements about important things that are happening in the world. It helps me to identify global trends and get an objective picture of what is happening in the world. With the help of the Аcademy, we make the world around us better and more harmonious.

Natalia did the constellation for me about my fear of flying, which is related to flying in airplanes. We are all part of our family, extension of our family. I hadn’t even thought of that before. I thought I was alone. In my constellation, I found loving and warm memories of my beloved grandmother Tonya and learned a little about my great-grandmother’s life. Unfortunately, before the course, I did not know my family’s history. Thanks to the course I started to learn a little bit about my family and I have already created a simple genogram of my family. Now I have the goal to learn all the information about my family in detail. For me it was the first constellation in my life. I really appreciate all the information and resources from my constellation. Many thanks for my constellation to all who participated. For me, this is invaluable work that Natalia and my colleagues have done.

Many thanks to Natalia Spokoinyi for working on my constellation, supporting and helping me to overcome my inner resistance. Natalia will always find time and words to give support and wise advice in difficult situations. 

Victoria Jung, Düsseldorf, Germany

I was familiar with constellations even before meeting Natalia. At first I came to the constellations as a client with my own requests. I really liked the method itself, but it was very difficult to find a good, professional and trustworthy specialist.

At some point, I decided that I needed to study. It is because I really believe that constellations are the most effective method of working through issues nowadays, and it will also become even more popular in the future. And then I faced another difficult choice – where to study. All sources of knowledge seemed unreliable to me, it seemed that they either studied the method superficially, or added something of their own there. I was lucky – I found Natalya Spokoynaya.

I came here specifically for fundamental knowledge of constellations, because Natalia had the best teachers, and in fact took knowledge from the original source. This is always appreciated in the profession and actually creates a competitive advantage for a specialist.

Nevertheless, Natalia has her own style – her own developed system, approach. This is a kind of multidimensional constellation, as if a 3D model, where several plot scenarios are intertwined. This makes the study deeper and takes it to a new level.

Natalia always gives more practice, much more than you can get in other schools. Here I am talking about both practice and theory, built on real cases from her experience.

We started practicing right away. Everything that Natalya explains to us, we immediately bring to real cases, Natalya believes in her students, motivates them immediately to start to do constellations under her supervision. Therefore, students very quickly begin to gain hours of experience without staying too long in theory.

Thus, it turns out that at each lesson we are either a constellator ourselves, or we are in some role. Usually the roles also always resonate with some kind of internal request, so the course is a kind of personal therapy. Each session is like going to a psychologist – an opportunity to look deep into yourself and work through your traumas and dynamics. Only it is much faster and more efficient.

I already had a personal constellation on a very important topic for me – my daughter’s dermatitis. It is interesting that I already did the constellation for this request with another specialist. I believe that she also helped, but this time we managed to go further and recognized the heavy burden of my family – unborn and dead children. It turned out that in my family there was a very large number of unborn and even excluded children, they definitely had to be accepted so that this would not affect me and my daughters. Everything that the representatives said resonated with me, and the scale of the impact of this dynamic was amazing. At some point, it seemed that the constellation had reached a dead end, but Natalia professionally invested the necessary energy to reach the correct interpretation. After a short time, I already saw positive changes on my daughter’s skin.

I also wanted to note the incredible resonance between the students in our group. The way we feel in roles and our assumptions always match. This becomes possible because of the talent of the students, but also because of the comfortable trusting atmosphere in the group.

An interesting and new discovery for me was short test constellations. Often, for students, we test the best possible options in a given situation. I also got a test on the need to move to another city for my family. I want to say that in fact this is a serious help in making any difficult life-changing decisions.

It is important to do homework in this course. This is not necessary in all schools, but here it is. Homework helps to analyze and once again feel the material you have learned,  and also teaches you to notice the smallest important details of the constellations, which are often turning points in the process.

And finally, Natalia creates a very strong professional space. She knows how to gather talented students and professionals around her, as well as clients with incredibly interesting cases.It is not for everyone, and I think it works here because Natalia herself is a real professional.

I am very glad to study here, soon – more! Thank you.

Yeva Ugurludogan, Izmir Turkey

I have  been looking for a long time for a quality certified education which can  give enough information on systemic constellations. I have been familiar with the method of systemic constellations for about five years. Personally for me it is a powerful boost in my life, a positive change in my environment, adaptation in a new country. The method allows me to improve my relationship with my family, to better understand myself and others. Thanks to it I got a new profession. 

On the course I get a lot of useful information that I need as a facilitator. I get into important details for work with the Soul and Subconsciousness of a person. And this is such a subtle matter! The classes teach us to ask questions, to want more, to always have a ready request for work. They prepare us to see requests with more energy. And also to save time and ask the client so as to see the important thing that allows you to solve the request.

In the second session I formed my request about the fear of public speaking. And it all worked out so that I was on duty, conducted the constellation and even was a representative for the main roles. It turned out that I was in the public eye throughout the session and didn’t experience any excitement or discomfort. And then I realised that public speaking is safe. 

For me the constellation of Trauma became useful. And it was really hard work under the guidance of Natalia Spokoynyi. After all, it is important to understand how deeply a constellator can get to the root and essence of the Client’s problem. And how to understand HOW much the Client is ready to cope with his or her acceptance of the result of the constellation.

In the course I became familiar with the orientation of the field of constellation to the Highest Values of the Client. And this is one of the features invented by Natalia herself. Besides, I got Natalia’s view of what is essentially Christian Forgiveness. And how you can and should really forgive. I will definitely use this knowledge in my future work and practice. All this was new to me. 

German systematicity, pedantry and discipline were important for me. The way I see it, success is based on continuity, which you have to demand first of all from yourself. I am sure this system will help me to keep track of my clients and their progress in detail. 

For me small training groups where the trainer is involved in the education process as much as possible are important. Then it is difficult to miss something meaningful. There should be a lot of reflection and practice in such groups. And a detailed analysis of workshops and constellations under the guidance of a teacher allows you to learn the method at a high quality level. This is the uniqueness and intellectual power of IIS-Berlin.

Reports on half of the online course “Systemic Constellation and trauma therapy” class 2022, 9th stream

Gudovskaya Yana, Moscow

Before I knew it, I was halfway through the course. I want to sum it up:

  1. I became more familiar with my own family system and its dynamics.
  2. I can definitely say that I feel more confident while I’m coaching and conducting a constellation, and I’m ready to start my own practice.
  3. Several important instructions were written and put into practice: on dealing with abortions/miscarriages/frozen pregnancies, and on what to do if a constellator/representative is stuck in a role.
  4. I learned how to properly formulate and say resolution phrases; and what to do if a client has devalued a constellation.
  5. I learned a lot about the symptom of organization and how it can be transformed into a resource, by analysing an organizational constellation in detail.
  6. Natalya personally checks all the practical work and gives feedback on it, and it helps us adjust our work in the future.
  7. Natalia pays special attention to teaching students how to efficiently coach a client before a constellation. With each lesson I add more and more questions for coaching to my collection of knowledge. These questions help clients formulate their requests more clearly, and so yield even greater results from their constellation.

I can point out that Natalia teaches us to work as efficiently as possible, to get to the heart of the problem in the minimum time, so that the client will get the maximum benefit in a short period of time. And that is very valuable!

Working in PIR groups is very valuable to me. I was lucky enough to work with some of the students from our course, and I notice how the girls are developing their professionalism, and it inspires me a lot.

I would also like to note that it is rather difficult for me to study on this course, as the work of mastering the new specialty coincided with the ancestral dynamics, which is now beginning to unravel gradually. So I would like to express my gratitude to Natalia, who is not only a teacher, but also a mentor on this path.

Maria Kintoyarova, Yakutsk

During the half of the course we have completed, Natalia introduced us to such topics as: System, representative perception, the laws of the System, what we need to say to the client before constellation, what the result of the constellation depends on, how to work with any problem with oneself, how to formulate a request correctly, considered in detail the concept of Symptom and how to work with it, as well as the topic of the dynamics of twins, aborted children and miscarriages. Natalia’s comments on many concepts that we touched upon are also very valuable.

Also during this time, we wrote 2 course works on the topics “Christian Forgiveness” and “Symptom of organization”, the writing and analysis of which helped us to better and deeper understand what Systemic Constellation, the sequence of work and many other nuances are.

During the classes, my classmates and I independently carried out constellations for each other under the supervision of Natalia. It was my first time of carrying out the constellation and it was a little exciting for me, but I felt Natalia’s support, she guided and suggested where it was needed.If before I had felt something was incomprehensible, afterwards the experience that i needed to feel internally that it is quite possible to comprehend the constellation. 

We have already carried out 4 independent practical work outside of classes. Natalia divided us into groups in which we worked with each other’s requests. The first practice was Systemic coaching, and the rest of the practices already with elements of constellation. The task of the last practice was an individual setting, that is, when the constellater gets into all roles of the constellation.

We had two real clients during classes, one of whom was concerned about her atopic dermatitis and its impact on the child she wore, the other concerned about building harmonious relationship in a couple. 

In April, I was given a personal constellation on request: What can I do to transform the unpleasant symptoms I experience during the conflict and public speaking. I can say that I already feel the result, it is such happiness, I cannot stop thanking Natalia for the miracle I felt.

Victoria Jung, Düsseldorf, Germany

Half of our education with Natalia Spokoynaya has already passed. We are already more experienced and trained. Everyone has already got a personal constellation during this time, and some got even several, as in the classes we work with topical requests of students and train to conduct constellations for each other. Personal constellations are important as they are not just a real therapy, but also an opportunity to “be in a client’s shoes”. I believe that such experience is necessary, as it allows you to understand what works and what does not, feel your strengths and weaknesses and develop your own individual style as a future constellations specialist.

A significant work for me was my constellation about my eye disease. On the one hand, this would seem obvious, because the Health topic is always an important one for any person, but on the other hand, this is also a good example of working with complicated family dynamics, with trauma, psychosomatics, and also an example of the impeccable resonance of representatives. I want to note that in all the personal constellations of the students there were difficult dynamics associated with the non-ecological behavior of the members of their genus. But the group and Natalia, as a constellator, managed to carefully examine them and resolve them non-traumatically. I think that after such strong work, all students will see significant changes in their lives.

Another important and interesting point in training is that Natalia periodically invites real clients to our classes, where students have the opportunity to be a constellator. This is an important experience, especially for those who already want to practice. The difference from the common constellations between students in our group is that the atmosphere is more tensed, because there is a time limit, which Natalia is very careful about.

We discussed the topic of abortion and unborn twins at a theoretical lesson, and we had our homework – to write the correct text of resolving phrases for such dynamics. In fact, these are two of the most important topics, since abortion, according to Natalia’s opinion, is perhaps a greatly underestimated dynamic, and the presence of unborn twins in general can most often be determined only in the constellation.

Now we continue with practical classes, but we are no longer limited just to coaching, we also do now short constellations to each other. It is clear that this is not a full constellation, but even such short tests help us to at least determine the direction for analysing, and sometimes even give answers or highlight something important or difficult in the situation.

It is a joy to see how students begin to make progress. And this progress is very noticeable: just yesterday they were worried about the fact that they still knew little, and today they are already doing constellations for invited clients. It is most often difficult for us to assess ourselves impartially, but we can clearly see the progress of our colleagues, which means we are moving in the right direction.

And now we are waiting for the second half of training and for some new challenges.

Yeva Ugurludogan, Izmir Turkey

Halfway through the course at the International Institute for Systemic Constellation (IIS-Berlin) has passed. We saw the dynamics of abortion and unborn twins. We studied the serious topic of unborn children. It came to us that it is important to let them go and make room in your heart. 

The bottom line is this. Let’s say when you were still an embryo, you had a twin brother. And then it happened that he had to sacrifice himself for your life. You would most probably be haunted by sadness and guilt and the feeling of not living your life. I have observed this kind of thing in the work of a fellow student of mine who was one of these twins. As she claims, she felt better after studying the topic.

It is important to recognise these unborn children, to give them a place in the System: both when they are your brother or sister and when you are the unborn parents of twins. And parents may not experience the full extent of their feelings and pass on the oppressive sadness to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Generally speaking, everything that concerns children in the constellation system is invariably reflected in our money and projects. As plots and businesses are also our children. 

Abortion used to be considered commonplace and there was no time to mourn the unborn. Almost every family had many children, and women worked all the time. No one knew that they had to grieve for the little lives that had been lost prematurely. If the client feels the tension in his or her situation and sees problems in his or her own children, they need to make room in their heart. Then it often becomes easier for them, their children and the generations that follow.

I have learned to be guided by Spiritual Values, to see how much (in degrees of deviation from the Highest Will) the request is true. That is, the Facilitator turns to the Will of the Highest Spiritual Values by how many degrees this statement or this choice was true . And the closer the choice to the Highest Will is, the more accurate is the Client’s request. The position of the body is always true. The body can never lie as Spiritual Values are the foundation. It also allows focusing on what is most important. In the constellation a person is reminded of God and about Truth.

The group and I have been studying the BEMS-Model – BODY-EMOTIONS-MIND-SPIRIT-Model in detail. It is a 4-part BEMS-Model for restoring personal integrity after severe trauma. The BEMS-Model is designed to test and restore integrity between our internal parts. It allows us to quickly recover from trauma, transform it into a resource and not have to deal with years of therapy. I have also learned the elements of implementation and how to work with this model in an organisation (there is such a concept – “trauma or a symptom of the organisation”). This approach restores relationships in the organisation and enables each member to take their place.

I had a personal job associated with depression. Fortunately, I came out of it. Admittedly, the exit and recovery process was hard and stressful. Then it was bad for a long time. But I guess the result was worth the effort.

I cannot say anything about the result of the test work as it was done for my mother. She has a problem with her retina, which started to detach due to a head injury. The conclusion of the test was the information about a doctor to look for in Moscow. But my mother never went to see that doctor. Probably because she did not follow the recommendations of the constellation she had to undergo so many operations. If we don’t follow the recommendations from the constellation, we pay for our Choice.

What did I learn in the class? It is about defending my point of view, have conflicts, not letting someone else take my mother’s place. And I also learnt how to build boundaries and openly show my disagreement. Perhaps this was a really unique course. I’m grateful to myself for standing up to the challenge. Thank you.